Lovely Siblings

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“Okay, two more hours and then I should be done.”

“Good for you!”

Tom was typing furiously behind his computer, writing a mid-term paper that was due the next day. He wasn’t to blame for being such a procrastinator, after all who could be inspired by such a topic as “the economic evolution of Uganda.”

Tom kept glancing at the notes he had collected the day before at the school’s library and was more or less on his way to an A paper, thanks to the coffee and the moral support of his older sister, Kate. For a week now, she had been giving him advice on how to write a good paper and had agreed to be by his side when he was writing it, in case he needed help. After all, getting a Master’s in English had to serve some kind of purpose, she told herself.

Of course, what she hadn’t told her kid brother was that she liked being near him. He was seven years younger, but she would have happily dated him if he hadn’t been her brother. Being in the water polo and baseball teams, he was delightfully in shape and tonight he was wearing a nice white T-shirt that showed his rippling biceps as he was typing. What she admired most about him was that, unlike the cliché of the sport guy goes, Tom was actually very sharp and smart.

“Man, I’m getting tired…”

Tom stopped typing for a second, rubbed his eyes and smiled at his sister before stretching his arms up. Kate almost gasped as she saw the six pack of his stomach. She shifted in her chair and tried to go back to her book.

Had Kate just checked him out? Tom wasn’t sure of it, but he was used to girls looking at him, and he was pretty sure that his own sister had looked at him the way she shouldn’t have had. Of course, he didn’t mind. In fact, he was hoping she had looked at him and that she thought he was attractive.

Because ever since he had been fifteen, Tom fantasized about his sister.

It had started one day when he finished school earlier than usual and he came home, happy to be alone to do whatever he wanted to do. He walked upstairs and stopped in the middle of the stairs, hearing a strange noise. As far as he could tell, that wasn’t a good noise. It sounded as if Kate was in pain. He was about to call out to her when his mind suddenly realized what that sound was, thanks to the porn movies his friend Bill had showed him… Kate was having sex!

Tom’s first instinct was to blush and leave her alone, but something inside of him wanted to see it. So he slowly walked to his sister’s room and looked past the small crack of the opened door. Kate was alone! Tom always thought masturbating was more of a guy’s thing, but here was his sister on her bed, naked except for a T-shirt which was bunched up over her breasts. Her left hand kept rubbing her nipples and her right hand was feverishly rubbing her clit and one of her fingers kept going in out of her pussy. Tom could see her hand glistening with her pussy juice and he didn’t know what to do. Kate’s eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, all the while moaning louder and louder. Her hips were going up and down, apparently enjoying the finger fuck.

Tom felt a bulge in his pants. Not thinking clearly, he just unzipped and started masturbating, imagining his dick was in his sister. Suddenly, she almost cried and she shook violently under the waves of her orgasm. This was too much for Tom who came right then and there in his hand.

He then quickly went downstairs, wiped his hand clean and silently opened the front door and went outside. He then opened it loudly and banged it shut, announcing he was home. A few minutes later, Kate came down to say hello and it would have been impossible to tell what she had been up to, except maybe for her slightly flushed cheeks…

Tom was back at his paper, hoping to get it done in time. From time to time, he gave his sister a glance, hoping to catch her staring at him and enjoying her physique at the same time. Kate always had great legs and Tom was almost obsessed by them. They were long and slender and were beautifully tanned. The fact that today she was wearing a leather skirt and boots made things ever worse, since Tom had always loved beautiful women wearing boots and a skirt. Boots seemed to shape a woman’s calf in a certain way that made the leg more beautiful and that little patch of skin on the thigh and the knee, between the boot and the skirt was highly erotic to Tom. Of course there was the tight leather too, which accentuated the forms.

“Ah, shit.”

Thinking of boots and legs, Tom had completely deviated from his paper and had made so many typos that the words looked like gibberish to him.

“What is it?”

“Never mind…”

He started hitting the backspace key and doing so, he glanced again at his sister. She looked up and met his gaze and he went back to the computer screen.

Had Tom just checked her out? It sure looked that way. Could it be possible that he thought she was attractive? She was used to being looked at and she knew men liked the way she looked, but she never thought her own brother would look at her like that. Not that it bothered her. After all, she always thought the handsomest man was Tom. Sometimes at night she liked to imagine being held in his arms and smelling his neck before nibbling up to his ears and feeling the bulge between his legs poke her firm belly…

Kate cleared her throat and shifted in her seat, feeling the first signs of wetness between her legs. She tried to focus on her book, but realized she couldn’t. So she got up and walked behind her brother who was back at typing.

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