Locker Room Lust

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My name is Brian im 18 yrs old and can’t get enough sex. It all started out in high school being in the locker room with other naked, sweaty guys. I would always see all the sweaty guys changing in front of me. I couldn’t help but get horny.

It was the same thing everyday, after gym class we would head to the locker room and hit the showers. I would all ways sit and admirer the guys next to me breathing in the smell of sweaty balls and ass made my dick hard as a rock so I never showered with everyone else in fear I might be caught. I would always wait till I was the last person left then go in the shower and beat my hot sweaty dick hard while picturing all the sweaty dicks, ass and balls I just saw.

On this week we were playing football and the school made us wear jock straps. Most of the guys didn’t wear underwear under the jocks and would just put them on against their naked bodies. After class I was sitting down on the bench and one of my classmates took his jock off right in front of me, bending over exposing his young, sweaty, hairy ass. I was instantly hard and could not move.

He said “damn this thing is soaked I sweated a storm out there today how about you Brian?”

“Yea man, it was a hot one today.” I said

His hairy dick mesmerized me and balls, both were hanging right in front of me and I could smell his sweatiness in the air. I watched as he put his sweaty ball juice filled jock in the laundry basket with the rest of the class’s jocks. I watched him get dressed and waited till everyone was gone out of the gym.

I got naked and headed for the laundry basket and took a pair of sweaty jocks and held them to my nose and took in the incredible smell. I was in heaven breathing in the sweaty balls and ass scents. I lay down on the bench with my leaky pre-cum dick rock hard on my belly and I had a pair of jock straps to my nose. I couldn’t believe it how good a guys ass and balls smelled to me I beat my sweaty leaky dick so hard making my hands slap down on my belly. I pumped my horny dick furiously imagining it was one of my classmates whose ass and balls I was sniffing. I was almost about to shoot my load on my stomach when I heard

“Hey Brian have you seen my backpack”

“Oh shit I thought, im caught”

Then I look up and it’s the kid that I was admiring earlier.

I said, ” I can explain”

He looked at me and said nothing and stripped down till he was naked and got on his knees and took my leaky sweaty meat into his boy mouth.

He sucked on my dick so good slurping up all my pre-cum and started to lick my balls and made his way to my asshole. I was in lust I was so horny getting my dick sucked by another guy I was about to cum when he stopped and sat on my face and told me to lick his hairy man whole, with out hesitation I started to taste and lick his hairy asshole. It was so great I got it wet and licked it for about 4 mins when he got off and said

“Now your going to fuck my man pussy till you shoot your dick juice in me”

He stared to bounce up and down on my dick his wet tight asshole was so warm and I couldn’t hold back with in 30 seconds of being in his hairy hole I let go the biggest load of my life.

“Oh yea you little faggot I can feel that warm jizz in my ass, you like fucking guys huh fag”

“Yes I love it,” I screamed.

He got off my dick and sucked my dick clean of my cum and his ass juice, then he sat on my face once more and told me to slurp my cum out of his ass. I nearly came again when I tasted the mix juices of my dick and his asshole.That got my cock hard again and i was so horney i bent over and told him its his turn. He spread my hairy sweaty ass cheeks apart and dove in, he started licking my asshole clean and probeing it with his tounge getting it all nice and wet for his cock. I could feel his warm breathe on my ass crack as he licked it up and down and he got me on my knees so i could lube up his thick meat.

I started sucking on his cock like it was candy, mmmm it tasted so good i could smell his sweaty balls and they slapped my chin. I sucked and jacked him off at the same time. I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth and i started jacking my own dick off with my other hand. After 5 mins of sucking his cock i bent over and let him stick it in. He rammed his cock in my shit hole so hard i let out a grunt. It was the best feeling in the world taking it doggystyle while i jacked my self off. He was ramming my hairy ass so good slapping his balls on my ass cheeks as he rode my brown hole. It didnt take long till he shot his load in my ass crack, all i could feel was a warm liquid shooting in my ass. He pulled out and it dripped out of my ass and i loved it.

We licked each other clean and got dressed. I ran home and got into my room and opened my back pack and took out a sweaty, smelly cum stained jock strap and jacked off till I passed out.

Jenna and Donna worked in adjoining cubicles at Chesterfield Advertising Agency for the last few years. They ate lunch together almost everyday. Went to all the boring office parties together. Exchanged Christmas gifts and the like. But still they were not much more than office buddies. Jenna didn’t think they ever would be.

The boss came in one morning with an announcement. As part of their new benefits package they were going to receive a corporate membership to the local fitness center. I nice perk the girls thought. A personal package would run them about $68.00 a month for a single’s membership. Now if they could just find the time to fit it all in.

Jenna went after work by herself. She hoped maybe she’d meet someone there to hangout with around the gym. But after a couple weeks she still hadn’t met anyone. And it became the topic of the girls’ lunches the next week.

Donna was going in the mornings around 6, working out before work. She hadn’t met any new friends there either.

“It’s so lonely working out by myself. I like to have a buddy to work out with. Someone to help push me and keep me motivated.” She sighed as they talked over lunch.

They were lucky to get two hours for lunch everyday. Not many people get more than an hour—some don’t get that.

“Maybe we should try going at lunch time together, and see how that goes…” Jenna suggested. “I’ve always wanted to get to know you outside of work…just never seem to have the time. Maybe this will force us to FIND the time.”

The next day was their first day in the gym together. They spotted for each other at the free weights and really kept each other’s momentum up. After the weight room, the duo hit the lap pool. Donna was not as strong of a swimmer as Jenna. Jenna did her 10 laps in the time it took Donna to do 5 and went to the Jacuzzi to wait for her friend. After their maximum 10 minutes in the hot tub the girls headed off to the locker room. It was time to shower and get back to work…they should have time to grab a salad on the way back into the building. They thought that was pretty good for paid time.

They were both very attractive young women, single, career minded types. Jenna the striking blue-eyed California blonde. Donna the sultry brunette with eyes as green as grass. They did their share of turning heads together or apart. The gym was no exception. Nor was the little salad shop on the corner outside their building.

The girls continued to work out together the two more times that week. By Friday They were becoming close friends—no longer just office acquaintances—but friends. After their workout on Friday the girls headed for the locker room. This week they got lockers side by side. The other days had been to busy, and they were on opposite sides of the locker room.

“I’m glad we got the lockers together today. That way we can continue talking.” Jenna said to Donna.

“Yes, I have really been enjoying our newfound time together. You bring out the fun in me, that’s for sure. And we always laugh and talk and have such a wonderful time together.” Donna agreed with her as she started to take off her workout clothes.

Donna never thought that Jenna had any secrets. But there was one big one. Jenna liked women too. She’d always been attracted to Donna but tried not to think about it. After all anything like that is considered distasteful in the workplace—be it an affair with a guy or another girl. You just don’t sleep with co-workers. Or at least that’s what everyone says—not what they do.

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