Linda’s Honeymoon

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I took him into my mouth, he was thicker than Fred but not as long. He held my head and was fucking my mouth and calling me every bad thing in the book! “Suck my black cock you fuckin slut”. “I’m gonna fuck that pretty white face till I cum all over you!” “Your Fred’s white whore and he gave you to me to fuck.” I looked up to see Fred watching us, he saw me and blew me a kiss. Syd made me lean down with my ass in the air telling me “You want my black cock from behind” and telling me to beg for it. I found myself shouting; “Please! PLEASE! Fuck me Syd Please give me that black cock!” “I need to feel it inside me”. He got behind me and said “ take my cock and put it in your white slut cunt.” I did and he just fucked me, you can’t call it anything else, he held my hips and fucked me hard while telling me what a white fuck-slut I am. All that bad sex talk just made me want more. I was screaming in orgasm the whole time. I was out of control, sweating and snorting like a woman possessed. My juices were running down my legs. Syd shouted a stream of filthy words as he sent stream after hot stream of his cum deep in me. I begged him to keep fucking me but he didn’t care about me. When he was finished, he got up without saying a word and went back to running the boat. I was an emotional wreck after Syd. Being used like a common whore had me cumming and shrieking for the entire world to hear and I was confused because I loved it so much!

Fred came back with another drink and his ‘nice guy’ routine. Fred calmed me and I took the drink it was even stronger than the last one. He held me for a while and began to kiss me gently at first then passionately. He laid me on my back and put his hard cock at my waiting pussy. He pushed it in and we began to fuck each other as I wrapped my legs around him. He gently pinched and sucked my nipples as only he can and we had deep earth shattering orgasms together.

He held me in his arms and told me not to worry about Syd. Fred said he would tell Syd to stay away from me. Just seeing Fred’s black arms against my white skin was getting me aroused. Him talking about Syd made me even hotter. Fred got up to get the boat going so we could get back on time. Before he left I said to him; “Fred…tell Syd to Please come here, tell him I am begging.” Syd used my mouth as his fuck tool once again it was sooo hot and I had another orgasm as I sucked him! He picked up my bikini bottom and used it to wipe his cock. He threw it at me saying “here’s a souvenir from Barbados you pig slut” I carefully put it in my tote bag.

We made it back just as the Shuttle drove up. Fred helped me off the boat and Syd followed. Fred held both of my hands and said goodbye, I smiled and turned to walk away. Syd followed and stopped me half way to the shuttle, I turned and he said in a low menacing voice “you didn’t tip us you useless fuckin slut.” I was dumbfounded for a second as he went on “you begged to suck my cock and now no tip!” I was losing my composure and was afraid he would make me suck him right on the pier! I fumbled around in my tote bag and found two hundred-dollar bills and gave them to him. He said “next time bring more money you cock-suckin worthless white bitch.” Then he turned and walked back to the boat.

I told Rob, Cindy and Dan that the cruise was quite educational.

We got back from the Honeymoon and to our ‘real’ life. Rob and I get along really great and he is a passionate lover who will do anything to please me. I really love Rob and could never love another man. Sometimes I feel there is something missing though.

Rob is out of town on business for two days. I am at home feeling very horny telling myself what a complete Slut I am. Here I sit naked by the phone staring at Donn’s business card trying to decide whether or not to dial the number. I know what I want to do but …………should I?

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