Linda’s Honeymoon

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Syd came on board to tell me there was a phone call for me. He took me to the small office on the pier to get the call. It was Cindy apologizing that they both were not feeling well and would not make it to the boat! I was a little pissed that they didn’t call when I was still at the hotel but didn’t say anything to Cindy. I hung up the phone and was trying to decide what to do next. It was a picture perfect day and the water was mirror calm. The lady in the office gave me a glass of juice and said that I should just enjoy the trip. After all, it was already paid for and Syd and Fred are among the most experienced sailors on the Island. I decided to take her advice.

We cast off and Fred started the small engine that would get us into the harbor. When we were clear, Fred turned off the engine and he and Syd raised the sails. It was a great feeling of freedom sailing silently through the water. When we left the harbor there was more wind and the boat was moving faster than I thought it would. Fred told me to make myself comfortable and they would let me know when we came across any of the sights. I went into the cabin and found a huge towel. The boat was really relaxing and so I thought I would sun bathe for a while. I took off the shorts and tube top and went out on the deck with the towel and my tote bag. When Syd and Fred saw me they both smiled and pretty much looked me over. Up till then, I really didn’t think too much about being alone, almost nude with two good-looking black men that I had just met. But then I just thought that they deal with tourists all the time and were used to seeing women in bikini’s.

I went to the forward deck, spread my towel and began to rub suntan lotion on myself. I looked back at the two men and started to see them a little differently. They both were in very good shape and had jet black skin. They liked to laugh and made jokes back and forth as they worked the boat. Fred looked to be young, maybe 19 or 20 and 6’ tall and Syd was about 35 or so but shorter and stocky. They told me earlier that Syd had a family and Fred was not married. The boat was one of several owned by investors who hired Syd and others to sail them.

I must have been daydreaming because I was startled as Fred touched my shoulder. He smiled and said he just wanted to know if I needed a drink or anything. I was even more startled when I realized that from where I was sitting on the deck I could see right up Fred’s shorts!! After what seemed like an eternity, I told Fred that a drink would be great. He asked what I would like and I told him to make me whatever his favorite was. All the time we were talking I couldn’t take my eyes off of Fred’s cock which I could see peeking out of his shorts. When he left I took a deep breath thinking I should have asked Fred for a double! Now I know how a guy feels when he can’t take his eyes off your tits when he is talking to you.

Fred came back with the drink and I tasted it, very good and very strong. He suggested I lay on the towel and he would put suntan lotion on my back. I thought for a second, took a long pull from the drink and lay on my stomach. He poured some lotion on my back and started to rub it. I flinched as he touched me but he kept on. His hands were very soft and warm as he rubbed my back with the lotion. He started rubbing lower down my back to the top of my ass. I surprised myself by not stopping him.

He poured lotion right on my cheek and was rubbing my ass gently with both hands. I closed my eyes and relaxed, spreading my legs slightly as I did. Fred was now working on my legs and it just felt great. Apparently sailing wasn’t the only thing that Fred was good at! I just lay there in total ecstasy thinking about those beautiful soft hands rubbing all over my legs and ass. Thinking about the contrast of his dark black hands on my white skin sent chills through me. I haven’t been with anyone but Rob for the past two years and only a few others before that. Nothing could compare to the way I was feeling right now.

He leaned over close to me and told me to roll on my back so he could finish putting lotion on me. I leaned up, finished the drink and lay on my back looking into Fred’s eyes. He had a more serious look on his face now and, without any pretense, put some lotion on his hands and started rubbing it on my breasts. The tiny pieces of cloth covering my breasts were moved aside and he was rubbing and gently pinching my nipples. By now I knew where we were going to end up and didn’t do anything to stop it. Fred was telling me how beautiful and sexy I look as he made my nips stand at attention, and I loved it.

Fred seemed to know my hot spots as I reacted to his hands by moaning as he reached down and touched my clit. There was no fumbling or searching, he just slipped his fingers under the bikini bottom and started rubbing my clit as if he knew me forever. I started humping against his hand and had an orgasm like I have never had! I almost passed out with lust.

I opened my eyes to see Fred smiling again. He asked how I liked the boat ride so far. I smiled back and said ‘hope it isn’t over already’. I sat up trying to get my bikini top back in place. Fred was sitting next to me with a huge bulge in his pants. I reached over and started to rub his manhood through his pants and told him to take them off. He took his shorts off and got me out of my bikini. We were both completely naked on the deck of the boat! I looked around to see if there were other boats and he told me not to worry because we were in a secluded cove where nobody else would be.

We kissed and he began to suck my tongue as we ran our hands over each other. His skin felt different than any other Man I have been with, so smooth and tight. I was stroking his cock and told him to lay back. I just rubbed it gently and looked at it. It was so beautiful and soooo big! I started to lick and kiss it. I took Fred’s beautiful big cock into my mouth and began to suck him. He was thrusting to me and I was trying to take all of him as he encouraged me (Oh Linda, suck me, suck me like that!). He unleashed a torrent of semen right into my mouth. I kept sucking him and sucking him. Things calmed down somewhat and Fred told me to take a look behind me. I turned to see Syd standing on the upper deck completely naked with a huge hardon in his hand.

Fred kissed my neck and got up telling me it was his turn to sail the boat. As he left, Syd was still watching me. I was so turned on by now that I just motioned to Syd to come to me. Syd came over and told me to get on my knees. He was a lot less subtle than Fred was and I sensed it right away. I got on my knees as he came over and put his cock to my lips.

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