Linda’s Honeymoon

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We made it back just as the Shuttle drove up. Fred helped me off the boat and Syd followed. Fred held both of my hands and said goodbye, I smiled and turned to walk away. Syd followed and stopped me half way to the shuttle, I turned and he said in a low menacing voice “you didn’t tip us you useless fuckin slut.” I was dumbfounded for a second as he went on “you begged to suck my cock and now no tip!” I was losing my composure and was afraid he would make me suck him right on the pier! I fumbled around in my tote bag and found two hundred-dollar bills and gave them to him. He said “next time bring more money you cock-suckin worthless white bitch.” Then he turned and walked back to the boat.

I told Rob, Cindy and Dan that the cruise was quite educational.

We got back from the Honeymoon and to our ‘real’ life. Rob and I get along really great and he is a passionate lover who will do anything to please me. I really love Rob and could never love another man. Sometimes I feel there is something missing though.

Rob is out of town on business for two days. I am at home feeling very horny telling myself what a complete Slut I am. Here I sit naked by the phone staring at Donn’s business card trying to decide whether or not to dial the number. I know what I want to do but …………should I?

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