Lights, Camera, Nipples!

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“Come on over here and let us see you,” I said to Joyce.

She walked toward us a like a model. She was about five feet three inches, trim for her age, with a drop dead cute face. Her tits weren’t large, but I’d already handled them – now my interest was focused on her pussy. I wanted her to show it to me and Dave.

“Are you decent under that robe?” I asked her.

She dropped the robe and stood there in a sexy dress and high heels.

“Lovely,” I said, “I think with your new haircut and makeup, you’d look sexy in just your lingerie.”

I think by then she knew the game I was playing. And for all I knew, they both were into it as much as I was.

She reached back and unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor then stood there in just a lacy bra and panties. Even with her legs pressed together, I could see daylight between her legs up just beneath her panties.

I let my towel fall open, revealing my nylon covered bulge to her and to Dave. “It’s only fair if you’re in your panties for you to see me in mine.”

I looked at her husband, “How about it, Dave, let’s see your tighty whities, too.” He eagerly unclasped his belt and pushed his pants down.

Joyce was melting as she posed for us in just her bra and panties. “Put your hands over your head,” I repeated just as I had told her earlier that day.

She laughed and lifted her arms up. What a view!

“Joyce, I have bad news,” I said to her. “Your nipples are showing again.” “And they’re making my dick hard.”

She stepped back, sat in the plain wooden desk chair, crossed her legs, and said to me, “Is it hard?” “Is it big?”

“Yes, very big.”

With that I stood and let the towel fall away completely. Dave was watching every move, and I think he was really enjoying the show.

I stepped forward and unbuttoned my shirt. I stood there for her to see, with a firm package of cock flesh hidden just beneath the nylon briefs.

Joyce uncrossed her legs and parted them to let me see her panties between her legs. My cock undulated and rolled over.

As one last courtesy, I looked back over at Dave, “Sir, with your permission?”

He nodded.

I leaned forward and kissed Joyce. I kissed her for a long time. While our lips touched and our tongues tickled each other, she gently touched my cock pouch.

I stood up and took off my shirt. Then peeled off my briefs. My dick was thick and long, already dripping. Long thin strans of cum fell to the floor. My balls ached as they swung to and fro for Joyce’s pleasure.

“We’ve never done this, you know,” she said to me.

“First time for everything,” I replied. “Would you just like to watch me cum, or would you like me to fuck you?” “Have you been fucked with a cock like this?”

“God no!” she said.

“So what’ll it be, Miss Joyce?” “How’s about this big dick fucking you?” “Dave, I need your help.” “Come on over here.”

He lumbered off the sofa and walked over. “Stand up, Joyce,” I told her. Then I took a seat for the unveiling of her pussy.

I took some jerkoff juice from my bag and dribbled it all over my shaft, then grasped my cock in both hands and stroked it, “Dave, be a good man and take off your wife’s bra and panties for me.”

It took a few seconds for him to do his duty, but there she was in front of me, looking lovely, as her husband slid her panties down.

At that point, I could have spurted a quart of cum. I was so gone. I stared at the luscious pussy in front of me. Her pussy hair formed a thick triangle but her pussy lips were easy to see, and her inner lips were exposed to the air. Her legs were trim so that when she stood with her legs together it was easy to see her entire pussy crease and lips.

“Thanks, Dave, you can have a seat now,” I told him.

I stood and joined naked Joyce, my peter sticking out almost fully cocked. We embraced and my cock slid between her legs and snugged up against her pussy. We danced slowly.

I lifted her up, kissed her, and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy so exposed and wide open and I rested her on my cock shaft.

As we kissed, I slowly lowered her down onto my dick.

We took it slow. In ten minutes she was firmly impaled as I kept dancing her around the room. By now Dave was working furiously on his own dick.

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