Lights, Camera, Nipples!

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The first time I did it with a husband watching, it was an older couple. She was probably in her late 40s, trim and in good shape, cute with a short pageboy haircut and a twinkle in her eye. He was dumpy and looked a good bit older than her. I went through the usual preliminaries of her makeup and hair, then I pulled the curtain and said to both of them, “Your wife’s nipples will show on camera, but we can fix that.”

Up went her arms. I touched her nipples. Unbuttoned her top. Played with her bosoms. Covered them with pads. Done.

She seemed visibly buzzed by the experience, as if no one had touched her nipples for a long time. Her husband just sat there and watched me, then shook my hand as they left to go on camera – my hand that had just moments before been playing with his wife’s tits.

I had such a good time and such a leaky boner with her that I followed them to the stage area. They met their appraiser and got their marks for the cameras. During the filming, I watched from off camera. She occasionally glanced around and could see me standing alongside the director and sound man.

At one point, I nodded, pointed to my own nipples and nodded to her and gave her a thumbs-up sign to indicate that her boobs were A-OK. She practically lost it when I did that. She was about to respond to something the appraiser asked her, but when she saw me do that she goofed up and had to start over.

When the director said, “Cut!” she let out a big laugh but when asked if she was all right, she just waved and chuckled and looked over at me and said, “Oh yes, I’ve never felt so good.”

Her response encouraged me to try a next step.

After her filming, she and he husband walked around and thanked the staff who had helped them. When she came to me, she had a smirk on her face. So I said, “All set. That was good. Time to take out the pads?”

She smiled and nodded. I drew the curtain and quickly reached back into her bra and removed the pads and took the opportunity to pretend to place her boobs back the way I had found them.

When I finished, she said to me, “We drove over to the city for the show and are staying overnight. Are you all staying here, too?”

“Yes mam, we are,” I answered, “in fact, I was just thinking about what to do tonight.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Yes, we’re on a busy schedule, but tonight I have time to relax a bit.”

“Well,…” she started to talk but didn’t finish her thought.

I helped her, “Say, how would you like to get together with me, you and your husband, and I could bring my kit and give you a makeover?”

“Oh, wow, I’d love it!” she said.

“Great,” I told her, “I’ve got a dinner meeting with the crew, plus we have to pack the trucks.” “I’ll be free by nine o’clock.” “Why don’t I come to your hotel room?”

Without checking with her husband, she said, “That would be terrific. I’m excited.”

“Me, too!” I said. “This will be fun.” “Tell you what, why don’t you take a relaxing bubble bath before I get there, maybe call for a pedicure, make yourself feel good?”

She scribbled down her hotel and room number and cell phone number, and they walked away while my wheels started turning.

I finished up my duties and it was almost time to meet my new friend, Joyce, and her lumpy hubby, Dave.

At nine o’clock I was at their door. Joyce let me in, her hair still wet from her bath and shower.

“Hi, nice to see you again.” I set down my bag. “I hope you don’t mind but I haven’t had time to shower and change.” “May I take a quick shower here?” “I brought a change of clothes.”

Joyce looked at Dave then back at me, “Why, of course you may. Help yourself.”

“Great,” and I gave Joyce a little kiss on the cheek. Then I crossed the room and shook Dave’s hand as he remained seated. He was sort of dumpy and dressed really boring.

I closed the bathroom door and showered. It was a chance to wash off the cum that had leaked out of me during the day, and I took the occasion to stroke myself to a nice flubbery semi hardness. I wasn’t sure how the evening would go, but I was hoping that I’d get to show my eleven inch pecker to my new friends.

After toweling off, I slipped into a set of white nylon briefs with a generous pouch in front to hold my cock and balls. Then I put on a shirt and wrapped a towel around me and opened the door.

Joyce and Dave had been talking. “Hi, you know what? I forgot to bring a change of trousers with me. I have a shirt. But would you mind if I kept the towel on instead of going all the way back to my place for more clothes?”

Joyce just laughed her winning laugh and said, “Why no, we don’t mind.”

“Good,” I said as I stepped into the room. “Let’s get started.”

I settled Joyce in the desk chair facing the mirror and combed through her bobbed dyed blonde hair. She was wearing a robe over her clothes.

I trimmed her hair and blow dried it into a nice look. Then I got out my makeup pack and we talked as I experimented with colors.

We talked about their home town, careers – anything that would make them feel comfortable and relaxed about having me there. I do have a history of fucking other men’s wives, and I know how important it is to set a comfortable and safe tone. That way the husband isn’t so threatened when I bring out my wife-spear.

Joyce said, “Today was amazing. It was such fun to be on the show. I never knew how much went into those productions. Nor did I expect that someone would like you would be playing with my nipples.”

“Just part of my job, mam,” I replied with a chuckle.

“Do you do that often?”

“You’d be surprised how many women are unaware.” “But it’s a quick and easy thing to solve.”

“And it feels so good, too,” Joyce told me while her husband just sat there in silence and watched us.

“Well, I’m glad,” I said. And then I said, “We aim to please,” as I once again put my hand inside her robe and once again tweaked her nipples.

I removed my hand and told her, “There, you’re done. You look terrific, Joyce.” “Just look at yourself in the mirror.” She studied her face and seemed pleased while I sat by Dave who was on a small sofa.

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