Life with Aunt Polly

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I asked if had hurt her. She said no, I was very gentle and she liked the way I had fucked here there.

The next day my aunt Polly returned home, and I had to recount my adventure with Purnima to her in all detail. Polly got all excited and I had to fuck her hard to cool her down. She told me never to leave her.

“I’ll give you all the sex, all the girls you want. Just don’t leave me alone in this big house alone.”

I lived with Aunt Polly for about three years. She kept her promise to give me all the sex I wanted. But I now rarely needed anyone else; I had got to so used to fucking her, and I so much enjoyed sucking her sweet little cunt that I never thought of anyone else.

But time is a cruel taskmaster. I had to leave Kolkata for Mumbai for a new job. Aunt Polly cried a lot, but eventually let me go with a hug and a kiss.

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