Life with Aunt Polly

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My aunt Polly advised me: “Purnima will come in to the house later in the evening, after I’ve left. I’ve told her why I’ve asked her to stay the night here. You don’t have to court or coax her as you did Rina. Just get straight to the point, make your intentions clear and fuck her all you want.”

Purnima arrived an hour after my aunt’s departure. My, she was a big woman, tall, with a round face, pouting lips, with D36 breasts and a large derriere that invited fondling hands. She said she’d like a drink before dinner, and we had a couple of stiff ones to relax us. After dinner, we were in the bedroom, standing close together, looking at each other in the eye.

She sighed and said: “Madam is very lucky to have a young man like you to look after her.”

In reply, I just held her close, kissed her lip to lip, my tongue exploring her mouth, my hands grabbing and kneading that gorgeous ass. My message was clear: I wanted to fuck her.

“Get naked, I want to see you” — I commanded.

She stepped out of her housecoat, to stand before me, proud and naked. Her breasts threatened to burst of her bra. Her panties barely covered her pussy and buttocks. She took of her bra to show off her huge breast, proudly jutting out, and invited me to take off her panties. I put her down on the bed and slowly eased off her panties down her thighs. There this magnificent body lay before me to admire. She was a big bodied woman with plenty of flesh to caress and fondle. Thank goodness she had a closely trimmed cunt, the same as my aunt Polly’s, I thought. Her ass was big and bouncy. She had a tight little asshole, because all big women like have tight assholes.

I laid her on the bed and mounted her. I moved up her body and put my cock in between her big breasts. I told her to squeeze me between her breasts and fucked her there. All this time she was looking at me with a smile on her face. I inched forward until my cock was on her lips. I rubbed the head of my cock on her lips, forced her mouth open and slid my cock inside. I fucked her in the mouth for sometime, enjoying the wetness of her mouth. Then I slid down again and now my cock was just outside her inviting cunt. I played with my cock at the entrance to her vagina, teasing her.

She smiled at me and told me: “Go on, push it in.”

I went in. Her cunt was moist, warm and inviting. It was so comfortable to lie on her and fuck that big bodied woman. After some slow and sensuous fucking and kissing her, I got out and disengaged myself from her embrace. I whispered in her ear that I needed her to suck me.

She straddled me, bent her body down, with her big breasts caressing my face, my nipples, my stomach and then my cock. It was heavenly. She then took my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue expertly round the head, licking the glans below. She slid her tongue down my cock and licked in my balls. She then turned me on my side and started to lick the valley between my buttocks with her wet tongue. She really reamed my asshole, kissing it noisily. The pleasure this gave me was immense.

In gratitude, I turned over and kissed her on the mouth and proceeded down to her breasts. Her nipples were hard and taut in my mouth. I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could, and then my tongue was resting on her cunt, teasing the fat outer lips. Then I plunged right in and began to suck her hot little cunt. She moaned and convulsed under my attack and held my face tight to her cunt. She tasted nice and warm, though not so nice as my aunt Polly, the taste of whose pussy was something I could never have enough of. As I was sucking this woman provided by Polly, I couldn’t help but recall the time I had sucked her early in the morning when she was lying naked in my arms after a torrid night of lovemaking.

I kissed Purnima and tongued her in those places in her rear where she had kissed me. At this, she pulled me up and started kissing me on my mouth passionately, tasting my lips with her tongue and exploring my mouth.

I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She said that she was not very comfortable to be taken there, but for my sake, she would oblige me. I kissed her there again and again, making her wet. When I put my cock in her asshole, she said:

“Please enter me slowly. I’m not very used to being fucked there.”

Her asshole was really tight, much tighter than her cunt, as is usually the case with big women.

So, I parted her ass cheeks, put my cock head to her asshole and pushed. She squirmed a bit but didn’t try to break away. I continued to push, and soon the cock head was in. Wow, was she tight! I held her buttocks and pushed in, in and in, and I was all the way in her tight little ass. She said she could feel the heat of my cock inside her. I fucked her very slowly in her ass, and as she was very tight and was gripping my cock firmly in her ass, I climaxed and came in her ass.

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