Life with Aunt Polly

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Too, soon, it was early morning. We got up, did our morning chores, got dressed, and just held each other as if to never let go.

She asked me: “Have you found a place to live?”

I said I would park myself in a guest house till I found a place.

She told me that she had a huge house to herself and I could live with her as long as I wanted. It was a most kind and generous offer that I just couldn’t refuse, and I lived with her for the next three years till I had to return to Mumbai to take up a new job. During my stay in Kolkata, I had no need to run after any other women. My aunt Polly provided me with me with sex with all the variety I wanted. There was nothing that we didn’t do in bed.

She initiated me into the mysteries of anal sex; I was the first to enjoy her there. She had a rather prominent rump, a bit on the heavy side perhaps, but sexy all right. One night, after I had finished sucking her cunt and licking and kissing the valley between her buttocks to pleasure her, she asked me whether I would like to fuck her anally. I first thought she was teasing me. We had watched many videos that showed close-up anal fucking with the women taking in huge cocks in their asses.

One of the videos showed a big built man taking a rather tiny woman, an Asian girl in her ass. She was crouched on the bed, her tiny sexy rump exposed to be entered. First he kissed and licked her there, putting his tongue right inside her anus. Then another woman also licked the anus of that slightly built Asian girl and then wet the man’s cock with her mouth, sucking him to get hard. The second woman took the man’s cock in her hand and put it to the girl’s anus. The man pushed it in slowly. The girl squirmed and tried to evade the ram that was going to enter her. The other woman then held the girl tight in her arms so that she could not move. The man held her hips tight. She was now their prisoner, ready to be taken in her ass.

First the cock head entered the tiny orifice; then the whole head was inside. He tarried a bit, both he and the other woman enjoying the view of that huge cock partially inside that tight asshole. He then pushed in slowly. The girl tried to move her ass away but was held firm by the bigger woman and the man. He then fucked her in the ass, slowly at first, and then faster and finally climaxed inside her, fucking her hard. All this while, the older woman had held the younger girl tight on her arms with her face smothered against her ample breast.

Polly and I re-enacted the scene we had viewed earlier. She mad me kiss and lick her anal area for a good bit of time while she was crouched on the bed, ass up. Then I applied KY jelly to my sturdy cock, put its head against Polly’s asshole and pushed. It slipped, but I held me in my hand and pushed the head in a bit. Polly did not squirm or move. She had loosened her anal muscles and the entry was smooth.

She said: “I can feel the heat of your cock inside me.”

That made me hornier and I began to fuck her slowly in her ass.

She said: “Dear boy, I’m so glad that you are the first to take my cherry here. Fuck me slowly now. You’ll be able to fuck me harder after you have used my ass a couple of times more.”

After a few more slow and gentle strokes, I withdrew. We kissed. I fondled and caressed her dear body, her buttocks and the valley between getting my special care. I poured oil on her buttocks and back and tenderly massaged her until she fell asleep.

One day she said: “You’ll get tired of this old woman if you don’t have someone fresh now and then. And, I want to see you make love to another woman.”

So, next week, we had this masseuse, a fairly young woman with curves in the right places to attract my attention. Her name was Rina. She was a married woman who augmented the family income by working as a masseuse. The massage session went off very well, with she first doing our hostess with me watching my lover’s naked body being oiled and manipulated by this fine young woman, who we had persuaded to strip down to her bra and panties, but not before some protestations that she did not do such things in front of another man. My hostess and I assured her that nothing would happen without her consent.

Soon she began to knead and massage me, and as she was doing my lower abdomen, my cock began to rear upward menacingly. At this Rina turned her away from the sight, but soon she was making furtive glances at my erect member. To add to her discomfiture, Polly began to kiss me on my lips and body in full sight of Rina, who was by now blushing profusely. Nevertheless, she managed to brush her arm against my cock, and now Polly asked her to strip. Rina said that no man except her husband had seen her naked. Polly said the same thing had happened to her also, but there was nothing wrong in exposing yourself before someone you liked. After much coaxing and cajoling, we managed to denude Rina, and there she stood before us, naked, but still trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands.

I pulled her hands away. She had a lovely figure, pert upstanding breasts, with her torso tapering down to a narrow waist down to a clean shaven triangle of love, unlike my aunt Polly, who used to trim hers neatly. I started kissing her, taking her in my arms and with my hands fondling her plump round buttocks and caressing the valley between. She clung to me, with Polly looking on with amusement. Rina’s rump was soft and lovely to knead and handle. She was jammed against me with my cock between her legs just below her pussy hole which I would soon enter.

I lay down Rina on the bed, naked with her thighs open for me. I kissed her on the lips and mouth, and traveled down to her breasts, here belly, and finally her cunny hole. I kissed there lightly, and then on the inside of her thighs, flicking my tongue over the entrance to her cunt, but not putting my tongue inside. She exuded a musty though not unpleasant aroma. It was quite different from that of my aunt Polly, who always smelt of pine trees. I was much too shy to openly suck this woman’s cunt, as she was evidently not used to such displays of erotic affection, in front of my other lover, my aunt Polly, who was watching the spectacle avidly from close range.

I made Rina draw up her knees high, with her cunny hole fully exposed to our gaze. It was a sexy sight. I mounted Rina and entered her swiftly, her wet lips offering not much resistance. She had been well used by her husband, I thought. I fucked her hard, taking out my cock completely from her cunt, then holding her tight and re-entering her cunt in one swift motion till I could not go any further, her body jammed against mine, and then repeating the action.

This went on for some time until Rina, who was by now moaning and groaning under me, told me that she could take this kind of fucking any more. So I fucked her slowly now keeping my cock within her, and soon she was done. She was lay there on the bed like a landed fish, gasping for air, her pussy all wet with her cum. I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up, and brought her back to the bed. She just collapsed on it, saying that she had not been fucked like that though she had been married for more than five years. I kissed and fondled her all over, kneading the soft body with my hands until the time came for her to return home.

One day, aunt Polly had to leave Kolkata for an overnight journey to Durgapur to oversee some property matters. She said I wouldn’t have to sleep alone in that huge house. She arranged for Purnima, an elderly masseuse from the same establishment as Rina, to stay with me.

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