Life with Aunt Polly

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I was en route to Mumbai to Kolkata to take up my first job there. So I decided to travel in style, by 1st class air-conditioned coach, and here I was this Friday evening at 7 P.M. I was lucky to get a 2-seater coupe. To my utter surprise, the other occupant who was already there, was my mother’s younger cousin, my aunt Polly, a most pleasant looking lady, no longer young, but very well preserved and easy on the eye. For many years, I had been sexually aroused by her presence near me. For me, she exuded sex, but my desire was forbidden territory for me. I’ve always liked older women. They did not have to courted, cajoled and coaxed into bed. Older women knew that a younger man’s interest in her was sexual, knew how to arouse, and knew how to satisfy a man.

Well, here she was dressed in a pant suit that actually helped to reveal her buxom figure rather than conceal it, alone together in a small cocoon of a railway compartment of our own for the night. I said hello to her. In return, she kissed me affectionately on my cheek, holding me close to her while doing so. I could feel her body against mine. It was a pleasant sensation.

My problem was that I wanted to have a drink, but could hardly broach the subject in front of my aunt as I didn’t know her attitude towards alcohol. After much hemming and hawing, I finally asked her if she would mind if I had a drink.

“Thank God you asked me, young man” — she responded.

She took out a bottle of Scotch from her bad and asked me to pour two drinks. We then sat there contentedly sipping our drinks and making small talk. Two repeat doses and we were really comfortable, exchanging small talk. She had married a ne’er-to-well when she was very young. After a couple of years of ill-treatment at his hands, she divorced him and married a rich widower, much older that herself. She was now a widow of independent means able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. She lived in Kolkata in an affluent area in her own two story building and was returning home after a brief holiday in Dubai.

After the light dinner provided by the railways, I sat down at the foot of the berth, after it was folded down for her to sleep on. My own sleeping nest was the top bunk. She asked me to temporarily retire from the compartment so that she could change into her sleeping suit. On my return to the compartment, I found her nattily attired in a silk kimono that covered her body but allowed me to admire the curves that strained against the thin material of her kimono.

She said she would lie down, but I was free to sit there as long as I wanted. She lay there, with her feet touching me lightly on the side of my upper thigh. This was more than enough to titillate me!

After some time in this comfortable position, I noticed that she was getting a bit fidgety. I asked her:

“Are you uncomfortable? Shall I go up to my berth?”

“No, it’s just that I get these sudden cramps in my feet and legs.”

“Would you like me to massage your feet and ankles?”

She replied: “That would be very sweet of you.”

I took one foot in my hands, sidling nearer her, put the foot on my lap. Her feet were surprisingly small and dainty. I massaged the arches and heels of her feet and her ankles, and by her responses, could see that she was very comfortable with what I was doing. I ventured to travel a bit upwards, to her well rounded calves, and massaged them softly. Then I came down to her ankles, and then upwards again, with my hands fondling and massaging her calf muscles.

I asked her: “Are you feeling better? Shall I continue?”

“Yes, please, but I feel I’m taking advantage of you” — she said.

In response, I massaged her calves with renewed affection, caressing and fondling her there, and to reassure her that she was not imposing on me, kissed her ever so lightly on her ankles. My hands slowly inched upwards, found her knees, which I handled delicately to comfort her, then up her rounded, smooth thighs, which I massaged with much affection. By this time, she was in no pain and had her knees slightly drawn up to receive my ministering hands comfortably, allowing me my hands to explore her upper thighs. I ventured higher. I could feel her Mons Veneris below her panties.

Suddenly, she clamped her knees tight and said: “That’s enough of that for now.”

I was mighty disappointed, for I was hoping explore those luscious thighs further. Then, to my utter surprise, she got up to a sitting position right next to me and said:

“You know that I’ve always been very fond of you.”

The words tumbled out of my mouth: “I’m very fond of you too, and have always been, and I’d do anything to make you happy, anything.”

At this, she took my face in both her hands and kissed me full on the mouth, her lips devouring mine, her arms around me, her tongue in my mouth inviting me to explore her, her body pressing against mine. It was not a thank you kiss; make no mistake, it was an erotic kiss to arouse even the dead!

With a smile radiating her face, she said: “You don’t have to sleep up. You can sleep with me right here.”

She patted the bed to show me where I could lie down. And, there I was, lying next to this wonderful woman, who by now had taken off her kimono and was clad only in her bra and her panties. She signaled to me to take them off, which I did, leaving her stark naked on the bed. I looked down at her in the focus of the reading light above her head. She had big breasts, at least 36C, I thought. There was a slight swell to her belly that ended in a neatly trimmed Mount of Venus, with well rounded, plump thighs below. Truly, what a beautiful sight to behold!

I needed no further invitation to pay my homage to this beautiful woman. Her triangle of love gave out a faint but heady aroma of pine trees. I plunged my head down into that beautiful mound, kissing, licking and sucking her pussy with a fervor that even surprised me. Surprised by my sudden attack, she moaned with pleasure and opened up her thighs to let my probing tongue into her cunt. It tasted sweet, not tart or tangy at all. I swirled my tongue round the walls of her cunt and sucked on that little clitoris, to feel it grow in my mouth. I raised her hips up to let my tongue explore the valley between her plump round buttocks, which also gave out the aroma of pine oil, and licked her lightly on her anal orifice, lingering a little on the area around it.

She later told me that this little act of intimacy of kissing her in her anal area really endeared her to me.

She pulled me up and I was now lying over her naked body. She took hold of my cock in her hands and guided me in, and I was now inside her, pumping away to pleasure her more. I wasn’t thinking about myself. I just wanted to pleasure this woman who I had secretly loved all these years. I told her to draw her legs and knees up so that I could penetrate her more. I just wanted to be inside her as deep as I could. After some vigorous deep fucking on my part, she heaved and moaned and finally climaxed, her body just collapsing under me, her vaginal walls holding my cock tight. I kissed her on her lips and mouth, then on her breast, her stomach and finally her pussy, all wet and juicy with her cum. I had managed to hold on, despite all temptations to discharge in that wonderfully deep and sexy pussy; she knew I hadn’t cum inside her.

She was breathing heavily and whispering to me how glad she was that we had met by pure chance and how much she had enjoyed my lovemaking. Then she got up to her hands and knees and took my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock with much enthusiasm murmuring little endearments as to how much she loved it. I wanted to enter her again to climax inside her cunt, and made her lie back and lift up her legs to receive my cock properly. I then entered her, fucked her slowly and then faster and faster until both of us climaxed together. We then went to sleep, she holding me in her arms, the rocking motion of the hurtling train lulling us to sleep.

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