Lesbians Doing It In The Woods

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Then she looked at me seriously and said, “I never thought that I’d ever have sex with a female. But I just did…and I’m glad it was with you.”

Then she kissed me. It was a long, deep, kiss.

That night, after we turned the air mattress over to the dry side, we slept in each other’s arms. Her parents gave us some strange looks in the morning. But if they suspected or heard anything, they kept their suspicious to themselves.

For the next three fantastic nights, we shared ourselves sexually until we were exhausted. We just could not get enough sex with each other. Sometimes, we made passionate love until daybreak. Then we tried to sleep until noon!

Once school started, Debra went back to her numerous, athletic boyfriends. But neither of us will ever forget those wonderfully, sensuous nights in the woods.

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