Lesbians Doing It In The Woods

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I could feel her wetness. I could smell her sex. Then she guided my mouth to the top of her abundant pubic hairs. I buried my nose in her thick bush. I couldn’t get enough of the sensuous smell of her.

I let my tongue drifted towards her sex. My tongue found clitoris hood. I could feel the hard shaft of her clitoris under my tongue. I was tasting the very essence of her sexuality.

She spread her legs, opening herself to me. I let my tongue glide over her clitoris, down to the opening of her vagina. I inhaled the earthy scent of her wet pussy.

Then, I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina. I worked my tongue in and out of her. Then, I dragged my tongue up to her clitoris. I sucked her clit into my hot mouth and let my tongue have its way with it.

When I thought she was about to come, I let go of her clit and dragged my tongue back to her hole. I plunged my tongue inside of her dripping wet pussy.

Her hips were going wild! She held her legs open as my tongue explored her most intimate secrets.

I could hear her moaning and groaning as I my tongue drove her insane with sheer pleasure. She was literally grinding her pussy into my mouth.

I felt her beginning to approach orgasm, so I dragged my tongue back up to her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth again.

While I sucked on her clit, I slowly eased my fingers, deep into her sopping wet vagina. I began fucking her with my fingers while sucking furiously on her clitoris.

That was more than she could stand. Debra burst in orgasm! She groaned loudly as I felt her vagina’s orgasmic contractions around my fingers.

I sucked her clitoris and let my fingers continue to slide in and out of her until I felt her go into a second, excruciating orgasm. Her thighs squeezed my head as her orgasm detonated within her.

Then she grabs me by my hair and pulled me up to her mouth. She kissed me hard. Her tongue shot into my mouth. I knew that she could taste herself on my mouth.

My fingers were still on her clitoris. I rub her clitoris up and down franticly as we kissed. I was fucking her with my fingers. I could hear the wet sounds my fingers were making as I tried to bring her off again.

She stopped kissing me and began moaning and groaning. Her moans were getting louder as my fingers attack her clitoris.

Then her arms clamped around me and she squeezed me with all of her might as she burst in a third earth-shattering orgasm. My fingers never slowed down as she groaned in exquisite orgasmic pleasure.

Then she pushed me off of her and sat up. I just rolled over on my back. “That was incredible Kala! My God!! I’ve never had sex like that before.” She exclaimed.

I had my legs open and I started to masturbate myself while I listen to her talking. I desperately needed to come again.

Debra moved closer to me as my fingers played with my engorged clitoris. I had this extreme need to achieve orgasm quickly. I could not stop myself.

“Are you going to come?” I heard her ask.

“If I don’t, I’ll go mad.” I answered.

I plunged my fingers into my sopping wet pussy…then I dragged my fingers up to my clitoris. I spread the wetness all over my clit.

Debra seemed transfixed on my sopping wet pussy. I didn’t care if she was watching me masturbate. She wouldn’t be the first girl to watch me do this.

I was really getting into it. My hips were moving up and down as my fingers went wild against my clit. My hand was a blur as I desperately tried to bring myself to orgasm.

Then, I felt Debra’s hand on mine. I slowed down when I realize that she was going to help me achieve orgasm.

Debra placed her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “My wonderful Kala…let me do this for you. Let me try giving you the amazing pleasure that you just gave me.”

With that said, she moved between my legs and sucked my clit into her mouth. I could not believe how hot and soft her mouth was. Her tongue found my clitoris and dance with it. I felt her fingers slowly entering my vagina.

Slowly, she began easing her long fingers in and out of my vagina, while her tongue did magical things to my clitoris.

She began going faster. Her tongue was beating my clitoris faster and faster, as her fingers went faster and faster, in and out of me.

I felt her left hand pinching my nipples as her right hand pounded her fingers in and out of me…faster and faster. Her tongue went wild against my clitoris as she went faster and faster.

I was close to bursting. I was right on the edge of orgasm. Debra was driving me crazy! Then, without warning, I exploded in orgasm! I came HARD!!!

I groan loudly as my orgasm tore through me. I felt a torrent of hot lust gushing out of my vagina as I came.

Debra never slowed down. She kept sucking my clitoris and pounding her fingers in and out of my vagina until I burst into another mind-bending orgasm.

She held her mouth to my pussy as I went from one orgasm into another one. I was pulsating in orgasm. Bang…Bang…Bang! I was in a world of pure ecstasy.

Then it was over. My clitoris became too sensitive to be touched. I pulled away from Debra and covered my face in embarrassment.

I knew that a lot of come or whatever that stuff was, had came out of me while Debra’s face was stuck to my pussy.

“WOW Kala!” Debra laughed, “I thought you were going to pass-out!”

I looked at her in amazement. She looked so happy! Then I said, “I thought you were straight?”

“I am! And you’d better not tell anyone different.”

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