Lesbians Doing It In The Woods

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“You just tell me what you want me to do.” I said. “I promise not to go further than you’ll allow.”

I sounded like I was begging her to let me touch her again…maybe I was. I wondered if this is how guys feel when they really want it?

Without saying a word, she reached up and pulled me back to her breast. I felt her hands resting on my head as I gently sucked her nipple into my mouth. She moaned a low moan as I worked on her nipple.

I was lying next to her. I felt my clitoris sending out wild erotic currents as I rubbed my legs together. I needed to grind my clit against something like she had been doing earlier.

Debra, very gently, moved my head from the nipple I was sucking on, over to her other breast. I gave her small kisses on her chest as I let her move my head over to her other breast.

I was sweating crazy. I felt rivulets of sweat running down my neck and back. I got on my knees and kicked the blanket away. My tongue never left her nipple.

As I got to my knees, I felt a drop of wetness, inching it’s way down the inside of my thigh. My vagina was overflowing with sexual arousal.

I needed to grind my raging clitoris against something. I didn’t want to use my fingers because I was pinching her nipples with my free hand and holding myself up my other hand.

I laid down next to Debra and let my thigh rest on top of hers. Both our thighs were slick with sweat. Then, I very slowly started pulling myself on top of her.

I let my leg fall between her thighs as I eased my body over her. I felt her pelvis rise-up to meet my thigh. I felt her hot, wet sex on my thigh as I continued to suck her nipple.

Her two hands never left my neck and head. She was holding me to her breast. Then, she guided my dancing tongue up to her neck.

I gently kissed her neck as she moved me from one side of her neck to the other. I was being careful not to leave any hickies for her parents to see in the morning.

I was delirious with pleasure. I began grinding my clitoris against her pelvis bone. I knew that she could feel my wetness seeping out of me. And I knew she could feel me grinding my clitoris against her. She didn’t try to stop me.

I felt my breast rubbing against hers as she guided me to her ear. I slowly circled her ear with my tongue. Then I suck in her ear lob as I breathed hot breaths of passion into her ear.

Then she guided my mouth to hers. I gently traced her soft lips with my tongue. I slowly sucked her upper lip into my mouth…just for a second.

Her mouth was wide open. I let go of her lip and I let my tongue trace along her open mouth. Finally, when she couldn’t wait any longer, she pulled me into a kiss.

She allowed my tongue to enter her open mouth. My tongue found her tongue…and they dance together.

She moaned into my mouth as our kiss deepened. Her hips were rolling against me. I let my muscular thigh rest against her sex as she began to grind her clitoris against my thigh.

This was too much for me. I was loosing control. I felt myself on the verge of orgasm. I began grinding myself against her hard. My hips were going faster and faster as we kissed.

I was literally riding her. I could feel the pool of sweat that had collected on our bellies between us.

Debra knew that I was about to come. Using her hands, she gently pulled my mouth away from hers and turned my head so that my ear was against her mouth.

Then she whispered, “Go head and come Kala. I know you’re almost there.”

Debra lifted her leg so that her thigh was between my legs. I held myself up from her and pounded myself against her.

I wasn’t kissing her now. I was masturbating myself against her as hard as I could. I felt Debra’s hot hands on my ass. She was squeezing my ass cheeks.

I felt her suck my nipple into her mouth as I went wild against her. Then I exploded in orgasm! I groaned as my orgasm tore through me.

I felt a torrent of hot oil gush out of me as my orgasm consumed me. I never stopped humping her as I went into a second incredible orgasm. Debra held me tight, as I my orgasm drove me to the edge of insanity.

Then, it was over. I knew that my come had soaked the bedding under Debra. But there was nothing that I could do about that.

Debra never took her hands off of my ass as I came…twice! I knew that she had been watching me closely as I had gone into orgasm. She had let me come all over her.

Then, without saying a word, she pulled me down into a deep, passionate kiss. I moaned as I felt an erotic wave of pleasure swept through me. Unbelievably, I felt like I was about to go into another orgasm.

Debra allowed me to kiss her deeply. Then she placed her hands gently on my head guided my mouth over to her ear. I whispered, “thank-you” as I kissed her ear.

I let my tongue dip inside her ear. Then down to her neck. I could smell the soft fragrance of her soap, as I kissed her neck and shoulders.

Then she guided me to her nipples. Her hips never stop moving under me. I knew she needed to come, just I as I had needed too. But I did not want to rush her.

Debra began to gently guide my mouth to her belly. My tongue never stopped moving over her skin. She guided me to her navel. I had moved down so that my right breast was against her sex. She began grinding her clitoris against my breast.

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