Leasa is Cooking

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I stuck two fingers inside her snatch, stirring and poking until her juices puddled in my hand. I pulled out of her ass and rubbed the love juice on my dick and inserted it in her again. This time it went more smoothly. She was more accommodating so I began fucking her ass with about five fat inches.

She put her other knee onto the loveseat, my signal to get busy. Leasa let out a long, guttural moan as I fucked her with short, rapid strokes. I alternated with some long strokes, and then planted myself in her until I bottomed out, followed by long, steady pounding.

After several minutes, I felt the buildup in my balls. I reached around and captured her clit in my two middle fingers and rotated the swiftly while I jabbed her ass at a feverish pace.

When my cock began to swell, Leasa started cumming again. As her butt spasmed, it triggered my explosion. And explode I did, well into her colon. I kept pumping even as my meat began to soften, gradually slowing my pace until the head, stuck at the entrance, was forced out by the last spasm of her sphincter.

Leasa collapsed forward onto the back of the loveseat. I watched my cum oozing out of her crack, and I leaned over and kissed her on the nape of her neck. She was only semi conscious, but she stirred enough to turn her head and smile.

“I guess I have to call you Big Jim from now on, too,” she purred.

“Baby, if you’re gonna fuck me like that, you can call me anything you want,” I said. I was spent and sat down beside her. I reached between her titties, mashed against the back of the seat. She lifted up while I gently stroked them one at a time.

“Can we have a cookout again sometime, Big Jim?” she said, smiling again.

“We can, and we will,” I said.

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