Leasa is Cooking

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Leasa was leaning against the alcove to the sitting room. She was fiddling with her fingers. I approached her and noticed she had a small nick, likely from the broken glass. She spoke as I took her hand and licked a drop of blood from her middle finger.

“Listen Jim,” she said. I gently sucked on her finger and stared into her eyes.

“I love my husband, Jim. He’s the only man I’ve ever had,” she said, her eyes pleading for me to help her with a way out.

“Baby, it felt like I was the only man you ever had,” I said. I placed her hand on my rising cock. It grew faster under my wet shorts from her tender, hesitant ministrations.

“That’s what I mean. I’ve never cum like that. I mean … shit, I don’t know what I mean,” she said, looking down to watch her own hand working my meat.

“Take it out,” I said. With a feather touch, I stroked her protruding nipples through the material of her top. She obeyed the order and I pulled the straps from her shoulders. She gave only token resistance as those lovely breasts bounced free.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Jim.” She had her fingers wrapped around my shaft and the baggy shorts fell to the floor.

“I can’t get pregnant with your baby. I don’t even like blacks,” she said, causing me to scowl at her.

“Sorry. But what if he wakes up?”

Without saying a word, I pushed on her shoulders. She complied and knelt before me, my renewed rail held inches from her face.

“What would I do if I got used to this damn thing? As it is, he’ll never be enough anymore,” she said.

I stroked her hair and smiled down on her. “Suck it, Leasa.” It wasn’t an order so much as it was acknowledgment that we both knew she would.

I held her hand as she held my meat and tapped her cheek with the head. I rubbed it around her parted lips. I could feel her hot breath as I lifted my rod to expose my balls.

“Just suck it baby. I’ll give you as much as you want,” I said as I slipped the throbbing head into her mouth and over her tongue.

She stretched her jaw and took a few inches in, and I began slowly fucking her face. She looked up at me, the innocent look belying the skill with which she used her tongue to lick me even as I stroked her mouth.

We could hear the slurping as spittle began to slosh from the corners of her lips. She began to bob her head in time with my thrusts until she finally came up for air. “I want you now, Big Jim. Take me now,” she said, standing and locking her lips on mine.

I picked her up, still in a lip lock, and carried her to a loveseat by the French door that had a view of the pool where the drunken Andy slept, unaware that his pussy was about to be stretched all out of shape.

I put her down and she turned to face the windows, placing one knee on the loveseat with her other foot on the floor. Looking over her shoulder as she bent at the waist, she held her pussy and ass open as I stepped up to the plate. A tiny drop of her juice fell from her shining gash and landed on the cushion.

I stood there for a moment stroking my spit-slickened dick and took in the view. Leasa’s pussy was winking at me in anticipation of the pending thrashing.

I couldn’t resist. I knelt behind her and she gasped as my tongue quickly licked her from her clit to her asshole where I licked in concentric circles until the pucker relaxed and let the tip of my tongue inside.

I flicked her butt a few times then flattened my tongue, mashing it up and down on her pussy while she pressed back against my face. My rough hands gouged her firm, plump ass cheeks as I began to nibble on her smallish labia.

“Dammit Jim! I’m gonna cum already,” she said.

As she convulsed, drowning my face, I drank down all the nectar I could catch.

My dick was dripping with desire when I stood and unceremoniously rammed inside her pussy, my low hanging nuts slapping against her gaping lips. In the same motion I slid backwards and bore down to some serious fucking.

Our fluids were drenching my pubes. We both were sweating as she met me on each down stroke. We grunted and moaned our way to another orgasm for her, causing her cunt walls to grip me like a hot, wet, firm pudding, and nearly making me cum.

Slowly I pulled out of her as she looked back at me, not knowing what to expect until I crowned her back hole with the head of my dick. Panic took over her face and she turned away, shaking her head and muttering, “No. No. No. You’re gonna kill me.”

“Unless you can get pregnant through here, this is the best for everybody,” I said. I began feeding into her butt, my shaft well greased from our fucking. I gave her a chance to adjust about half way in.

By her silence, I assumed that this wasn’t her first trip down the Hershey highway. But her face was in a frown. Both of us stared out the windows at Andy, whose position had not changed.

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