Just Touch Me

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You raised your hips more against my hand and I whisper you to roll onto your tummy. You ground down, writhing and circling – fucking on my hand and fingers. I could feel the moistness streaming from your now wanton pussy. I need your ass cheeks, round, soft full and welcoming, you muscles clench on my fingers as you rocked. I push you down harder onto my fingers deep inside and at the same time stroke the lower folds of your gushing pussy. My fingers caress the bud of your ass, softening and moistening it with your exotic juices. You move – signaling against my fingers to stimulate you further. Oh baby – fuck my ass too. My finger eases through your tight opening – gently yet urgently – filling you, you tense and then relax – sighing as I bury myself– stoking the tender silken passage finding nerve endings to fire you. Your body feasts on its voluptuous desires – insatiable, yet at the same time – filled and satisfied. You luxuriate in the mounting tide of erotic sensuality. Soon you wont hold – it will burst, flowing overcoming, all consuming – oh yes soon will come – will come!

We are hot, sweating, aroused, flushed with our need and carnal sensuality – we are fucking hard – urging each other – there are no inhibitions, just the joy of each other’s wantonness. You know I am aroused, excited – from our breathing we are close – we give encouragement and endearments to each other – oh my god – that is so good baby– keep moving, don’t stop, come with me my darling. I whisper in your ear, shhhhhhhhhhh, just come for me baby just come – let it build and flow. Feel me in you, I want you to always remember how I fuck you, I am your cock, your dick, your very being – ride me hard. Good girl, ride me hard – come with me – come now. Good girl come!

We erupt in waves of orgasm, pumping –clutching – groaning – writhing in ecstasy – our dams burst and flow in delicious indescribable torrents of release and euphoria. Has it ever felt this wonderful before…

Gently we subside – rolling into each other. Hands resting where they are, cuddling, not wanting to release easily and familiarly relaxing in each other’s sensuous embrace.

Quietly – you stir beneath me and smilingly whisper – ‘next time my love – just your lips!’

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