I Witnessed My Wife’s First Affair

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Helen began rocking back and forth on top of me. I wanted this to go on forever. I yearned to provide my wife with the same…no not the same…MORE pleasure than she had just received from the other man. It wasn’t going to happen. My cock had been at attention for nearly an hour watching them. It was aching for release. My emotional turmoil continued to be intensified by the molten mixture of juices that lubricated our union. I tried to stop it, but couldn’t. It was too late. Sperm exploded from within me with a force I never felt before. My balls contracted over and over again as nature urged my body to take back what was once only mine. Once the last of the seed left my body, I lay under my wife with my cock deflating inside her. Neither of us knew what to say. We were still in love, but we both knew our lives would never be the same.

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