I Witnessed My Wife’s First Affair

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Finally, James released his grip on her back. He moved down her body and began concentrating his massage on her calves. I heard a slight moan come from Helen, but no movement. James continued his massage as he slowly and methodically worked his way up her legs. His strong hands were now massaging my wife’s silky thighs. He was working his hands from the outside of his thighs and rotating across the back of her thighs and down to her inner thighs. Each time he repeated this motion his hands would inch closer to Helen’s ass. Helen flinched. I became aware that James’s hands had just made contact with her clothing covered pussy as they plunged downward between her thighs. He began rhythmically repeating the same motion. Helen seemed to be moving her hips, ever so slightly, in an effort to afford James maximum contact with her private area. My stomach was in knots as this stranger’s ministrations gave pleasure to my wife.

I watched in wonder as James’s hands moved from her thighs to her ass. His strong hands squeezed her cheeks. He repeated that a couple of times. I gulped and nearly fainted at what I saw next. James’s fingers reach inside the elastic waistband of Helen’s shorts. There was a slight pause. An apparent chance he was giving my wife to reject his advances. I knew now that that wouldn’t happen. I knew Helen was too far gone to stop this. I watched in awe as Helen lifted her hips ever so slightly. James recognizing her acquiescence tugged at her shorts and panties both. He pulled them down her thighs, down her calves, from her ankles and then tossed them in an open display of conquest across the room. He then confidently stood up and removed the remainder of his clothing as he gazed down, beyond the specter of his now exposed and rock hard cock, at the love of my life lying naked below him.

James knelt down. He used his knees to wedge himself in between my wife’s legs. His hands moved from Helen’s ass, up her back, to her shoulders. As he did this, he forced my wife’s legs fully apart with his thighs. James was now squatting behind Helen with his hard bare cock pressed against her bare ass, while his hands once again massaged the shoulder, which in a moment of fate on the tennis court, had initiated the impending infidelity of my wife. My own cock continued to betray me. My head kept telling me to rush down and put a stop to this before it was too late, but my unexpected appetite at seeing the scene in front of me play out prevented it.

Helen reached behind her and placed her left hand on James’s cock. I watched intently as my wife’s soft hand, adorned with her glistening wedding ring, grasped and positioned another man’s cock between her labia in an attempt to mate with him. Once his cock came into contact with her slick opening, James instinctively moved his hips forward slightly. The tip of his unprotected cock disappeared into Helen’s vagina. He held it there momentarily as he brought his hands from her shoulders down to her ass. The momentary pause exasperated Helen. Her body had been pushing her towards this undeniable moment for months. Helen pushed back against James and I witnessed in astonishment as my wife’s body engulfed the rigid manhood she for which she had been long yearning. My own cock strained against the inside of my shorts. There was a cold sensation from continuous stream of pre-ejaculate I was producing. My mouth felt dry as the desert. My heart was racing.

I was now brazenly standing in the middle of the hall at the top of the stairs watching their copulation. Helen was on her knees thrusting her body against James. James, also on his knees, gripped her ass as he thrust his cock in and out. Neither of them noticed me now standing visibly there. Helen had to have thought I would be home soon anyway, but either didn’t think about it or didn’t care. The long silence was finally broken by Helen’s cries of. “Oh yes. Give it to me. Give it to me.” Her demands produced stronger and faster thrusts from her lover, which in turn resulted in Helen screaming out. “OH YESSSSSS!” As her body began convulsing and shaking in orgasm.

When she recovered, James rolled Helen onto her back. He took his place again between the soft thighs of my wife and shoved his bare cock into her. Helen’s head turned towards me as James began pounding in and out of her again. She seemed in a fog as she slowly became aware that I was witnessing her perform the ultimate act of betrayal. Just as I was powerless to stop them, she as well seemed powerless, or perhaps it was simply unwilling, to stop her adulterous act. Her glazed over eyes, staring at me, gave evidence to the pleasure she was being provided by this lustful indulgence. James’s thrusts were now becoming erratic. The end of their intercourse was drawing near. Helen could also sense his impending ejaculation as her attentions left me and returned to him. Her body was yet again thrusting back against James in tempo with each of his plunges into her. James pushed deep within her body one last time. His face contorted. His ass muscles stiffened. Helen was squirming and shaking beneath him. She was once again lost in an orgasm produced by her lover. James’s ass began contracting over and over again sending wave after wave of sperm into the depths of my wife’s womb as his entire body now shook in pleasure. I discovered my own body was trembling as well. I leaned against the wall to prevent collapsing down the stairs.

After a few minutes it was finally over. Helen lay beneath James. Their bodies limp from exhaustion and spent passion. Helen once again looked my way. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I then turned and returned to our bedroom. I laid down on our bed, lost in the emotions washing over my body, as I waited for James to leave. After a few minutes the front door opened and shut. I could hear Helen coming up the stairs. When she reached the doorway she stood there apparently waiting for me to say something. She was still naked and her hair was a mess. There were trails of tears streaming from her eyes as a trail of the combined juices of her coupling slowly descended from pussy down to her knee.

I wasn’t mad. How could I be? I could have stopped it before it started. As she stood in the doorway sobbing, I removed my pants. She saw my cock standing at attention. A smile came to her face as she became aware of my acceptance to what she had just concluded. Helen climbed into bed. I took her hand and guided her over me. She knew what I wanted. She reached behind her and placed her hand on my cock. With the same hand that had just guided her lover inside her, she guided my aching cock to her opening. I could feel an intense heat and moisture like I had never felt before as the tip of my cock came into contact with her. My heart nearly flew out of my chest as I looked down to see a glob of white liquid form at the meeting of our genitals, trail down my cock, and then pool on my body. As Helen lowered herself, the abundance of liquefied residues from her lovemaking guided my cock effortlessly towards its goal.

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