I Witnessed My Wife’s First Affair

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Helen and I have been married for 14 years and have two young sons. I’m 34, she’s 33, and it seemed like we had the perfect life. At least I thought so. We had reached a point in our sex lives where the passion had waned slightly. We were down to weekends and an occasional week night. I was comfortable with that, but Helen’s sex drive was inexplicably beginning to increase off the charts. It’s not that I didn’t want to have sex with her, it was just that she seemed like she wanted it almost constantly. It was something that we were now talking about often and from our conversations I knew that she was confiding in her friends at work. Helen was getting all sorts of advice from her friends ranging from pumping me full of Viagra to Helen taking a lover. None of their ideas seemed like legitimate options. At least that’s what I thought.

In our neighborhood, there is a commons area adjacent to our backyard. In the commons area was a tennis court. Helen enjoyed, occasionally, playing tennis there with some of her friends from work. Most were female, but there was the occasional male. It was always just tennis though. No funny business, so to speak. While Helen likes to play tennis, she is no muscle-bound athlete. She is 5’4″ tall and about 125 pounds with larger than normal breasts and nice soft middle-aged curves. Often, I would watch her from our bedroom window as she played. She wasn’t very good, but then again she wasn’t playing competitively. She would usually be wearing short, tight shorts, which showed off her soft ass and thin legs. Her large breasts would bounce as she moved around. I would sometimes wonder what her male playing partners thought of the view they were getting. I was seeing her from a couple hundred feet away. They could see her shapely ass and bouncing tits up close as they played. Did they want to fuck her? Did they ever try?

One afternoon, I arrived home from a business trip in the early evening to an empty house. Helen wasn’t around. The kids, I found out later, were at her mother’s house. I was tired. I stripped out of my suit and had just changed into a pair of shorts, while looking for a t-shirt to go with them. I happened to glance out the bedroom window and noticed people at the tennis court. One of them was Helen and the other appeared to be a workmate, James. Unlike Helen, James is very athletic looking. He’s a decent looking guy, probably in his late 40’s and divorced. I had been gone for a week, so I was looking forward to sex with Helen. As I watched Helen in her tight shirt and shorts moving around, I found myself getting hard. My mind suddenly was taken back to some of our recent conversations of her friends telling her to take a lover. An image flashed into my head of James and Helen….in our bed. In this mental image, she was on her back and he was on top of her. I was imagining Helen writhing in pleasure from what she was getting from this make-believe lover. My guts tightened up. What in the world had come over me? Why was my cock still hard? Did I want her to fuck another man? Dammit, why was my cock still so hard?

Just then, I saw Helen lunge and swing and miss at a ball. She immediately grabbed her shoulder and started stretching it. James ran to the net, then they both left the court and started heading towards the house as Helen tried to stretch out what we found out later was just a strained muscle. Usually, when Helen is done playing tennis with her male friends, they don’t come into our house. I started to head out of the bedroom to go greet Helen, but froze when I heard James’s voice in our house. I stood in our bedroom for what seemed like hours trying to get myself to go downstairs, but something kept me there. I heard their voices get louder as then entered the living room. Like a child looking for Santa Claus at Christmas, I found myself peeking around the corner. From my position, I could see them standing and talking to each other.

“Where exactly does it hurt?” I heard James ask.

Helen responded with. “It hurts right back here.” As she pointed at the back of her shoulder.

James moved around behind Helen and placed his hand on her shoulder and started rubbing. I wanted to rush down, grab him, and throw him out of my house. But I was still frozen. This man was in our house alone, at least they believed, with my wife. I was intensely curious to know what Helen was thinking. Did she want this man to make a move on her? Why was she letting this man rub her shoulder? She seemed to be enjoying it.

“If you find a place to lie down, I think I could rub this out for you.” James told her in a very matter of fact way.

Without speaking, Helen went over to the couch, grabbed a pillow, and lay down on the floor. She was on her stomach with her head on the pillow. James got down on his knees next to her and began rubbing her shoulders. She was lying perpendicular to my view and James was kneeling with his back to me. He had only been working on the shoulder for a few minutes, when he lifted his right leg and swung it over Helen. He was now straddling her as he continued to work on her shoulder. The front of his shorts pressed firmly against the back of her ass as his hands worked. I immediately began to wonder if he had an erection. I would if it was me pressed against her. Why wasn’t it me and why wasn’t I stopping this, crossed my mind. If he did have an erection, she had to be feeling it.

Suddenly, James stopped rubbing her shoulder. He reached underneath her shirt with both hands. His hands immediately moved up to her shoulders, which forced her shirt to bunch up and expose her bra. Helen didn’t flinch, didn’t move, and didn’t object. I knew in my heart that she wanted this. Somehow I felt powerless to stop it although I was watching from only a few feet away. James mumbled something like. “This is in my way.” as he took his hands hand pulled on the clasps of her bra. The elastic material flew out of his way giving her full access to her nude back. He was rubbing his hands all over her back and shoulders now. Occasionally his hands would wander down her sides. When he did that, Helen would squirm slightly as he must have been making some contact with breasts.

“Would it be ok if we get this material out of my way?” James asked as he tugged on her shirt.

Helen reached up and pulled the shirt over her head. It occurred to me that her shoulder must be feeling just fine now for her to do that so easily. James then pulled the material of her bra up towards her head and Helen assisted him with removing it as well. Swiftly and covertly behind her, James pulled off his t-shirt as well. I watched as James’s hands began roaming all over the soft skin of her back. I could now see that when his hands wandered down her sides that he was indeed feeling Helen’s breasts without any objection whatsoever from her. This had become the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed and I was breathing heavily in excitement. I realized that I wanted this to play out. This was something Helen not only wanted, but needed, so I wanted it for her as well. His hands were now moving back and forth from her lower back to her shoulders and back again. I became aware that as he performed this movement with his upper body, that his lower body was also pushing back and forth against her in a faux fucking movement.

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