I Fell for My Best Friend’s Mother-Hot Lesbian

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I couldn’t take it, I felt my body tighten completely and then a rolling release as I let loose with another moan of her name and a powerful orgasm. I just lay there, panting heavily, coming down from the orgasmic highs I did not think possible. The dildo was removed and discarded as I felt her slide her body directly over me, looking into my eyes as her hand played with my hair. We kissed and looked at one another. How was it she asked, incredible was the only word I could respond. She kissed me again and I looked at her, Jeanette, I need to taste you, to lick you, to eat you. I need to do what you did, experience what you did, to know how powerful what you did is. This experience has been more powerful than anything I’ve ever had, it’s the most powerful, sensual, arousing, orgasmic, intimate, sex I have ever had. I need it. I know she responded, but once you taste it, experience it, you will never go back, never find anything as satisfying. I don’t care, I told her.

She pulled me into a hug and we rolled over. Now for the first time, I was on top, I could feel myself resting against her beautiful body, my breasts pushing into hers, her legs spreading, allowing me to rest between her. I began to grind my pussy into hers, pushing and circling it as I looked into her eyes. She lifted her arms up above her body, just laying there, opening her entire body up for my experience, for my touch, licks, and taste.

I kissed down her jaw, running my tongue along the edge of her jaw, before sliding down along the neck. At the nape, I hungrily began kissing and sucking and licking. Nibbling gently, I kissed hard, hard enough to leave a mark, my mark, on the woman I loved. I felt her react, arching her back as I kissed her, I could feel her wiggle her body beneath mine. I continued to slide my kissed down her body, slowly kissing the fullness of her breasts. I could feel them swelling with each breath. I showered kisses and licks upon one breast and then the other. My hands began to grope, feel, knead, and massage her breasts. My tongue and thumb lovingly stroking across her hardened nipples.

She only groaned in response, a sound that drove me to please her more. I continued to knead one breast, as I kissed the other. Allowing my lips and tongue to touch every part of her beautiful flesh. I ran my tongue along the underside of her breast, and she just sighed at the touch. The taste was divine. I began to continue back down her body, kissing her tight stomach, before kissing her belly, my tongue sliding in her belly button. She laughed as it tickled. She spread her legs to allow me to slide fully between them. I saw how wet she was, her panties were absolutely soaked and I could smell the musky scent of her arousal. I planted a light kiss upon her, lightly touching wet cotton, before looking her in the eyes. She just smiled. I began to run my tongue along the edge of her blue panties. I gently slid my tongue beneath the cotton fabric.

I felt her giggle, Shannon she moaned, please. Feeling her beg was so arousing. I kissed her panties again and this time ran my tongue along the edge of her legs, almost, but not yet on her lips. She wiggled her hips in response to the touch. I knew she was enjoying it. I hooked my fingers around her last garment, the last piece of covering keeping her from me and pulled. She lifted up her ass allowing the panties to slide off and down her legs. Bring her legs together she helped me remove them and toss them aside. With her last piece of clothing on the floor she lay naked before me. Her legs were once again spread, allowing me a full view of her womanhood. She was shaved, her pussy was glistening, her pink lips were slightly spread, displaying the red inner core, it was a beautiful flower, the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.

I lowered myself to her, taking in her scent, now impossible to ignore. I was so turned on with the knowledge that this smell, the wetness I was seeing was a reaction to me. I lowered myself closer, looked her in the eyes and we both smiled. Taste me were her only words. I leaned in, extending my tongue and ran it up along her slit. She lifted herself up just a little in reaction to my touch and sighed.

She tasted heavenly, citrus, almost like a lemon, but I found it so sweet. Smiling deeply, a leaned in and took another taste, and then another. Jeannette, you taste divine. I kept tasting her, licking up her slit and then smiling at her. Again and again I simply licked and licked. I licked up her wet slit, my tongue sliding between her glistening pink lips. I began to push my tongue deeper, trying to taste more and more, to taste all I could. I began to kiss her lips, trying to suck the juices out of her, she laughed and moaned at once. I began to kiss first one of her lips and then the other. I began to eat her, my mouth placing giant open-mouthed kisses on her pussy, trying to taste her all at once, to cover her entire womanhood in my mouth. I just kept kissing her. Her hands began to roam along my shoulders and my neck and head. Please, my clit, she cried.

I licked up her slit and continued till my tongue lightly brushed her clit, the hard moist button. My tongue began to circle it, around and around. I could feel her body tense up as I kissed it. I lowered my mouth and began to kiss it, sucking on it, taking it into my mouth and moving it along my lips. My tongue running along its hardened top. She just moaned. Her hands pulling my head into her. Make me cum, she groaned. My tongue began to circle around and around before moving back and forth, up and down, side to side across the clit. I felt her tense, her hands grab my shoulders. Her legs tighten and move together on my head. I felt her lift herself up into me and push into my mouth.

Yes, yes, yes she screamed. Shannon, you are doing it, Shannon, you are making me cum. Shannon I am cumming. She pulled my face into her as I heard her moan and scream. I am cumming she screamed, Shannon you are making me cum. I continued to lick back and forth across her clit, knowing I was pleasing her. She released for a second, only to tighten up again. Oh Gosh, Oh Gosh, Shannon you are doing it again. Oh yes, oh please. I’m almost there. I felt her tighten herself around me and then just explode. Shannon she screamed at the top of her voice, and then a deep growl, a groan of satisfaction as she collapsed back against the bed.

I gently licked her a few more times before planting one long farewell kiss upon her clit. I slid up her body, our naked pussies rubbing against the other’s thighs. I kissed each of her breasts on her return trip before reaching her. I looked her in the eyes and then kissed her, sharing her taste. Our lips opened, our tongues darted in and made contact. It was a deep sensual kiss, a kiss of two lovers.

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