I Fell for My Best Friend’s Mother-Hot Lesbian

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She slowly moved back on top of me, this time placing her entire body between my shaking legs. My wetness by now had covered much of inner thighs, I was practically glistening, I could feel it on my legs and my pussy. I just felt the warmth of this arousal. She kissed me on the lips, smiled and began to slide down my body. My hands went to her shoulders, assisting her on her path down. She first stopped at my breasts, she licked and kissed between them. Then taking one breast in her hand, stroking the nipple with her tongue, she began to lick the undersides of the other. Moved to the side and the top, running her wet tongue along my breasts. She slowly took one of my nipples in my mouth, smiling at me, before she began to suck on my nipple. Her tongue began to circle around my nipple then back and forth across it. As one of my hands went to her middle back, my other rested on her head, holding her to me.

I began to just say her name again and again, Jeanette. She slowly slid to the other breast, and lavished the same attention upon it. Licking slowly around the nipple before taking it into her mouth, biting lightly, she stroked back and forth. She released my nipples, glistening from her kiss and began to slide down my body. My legs spreading as she went down, my hands resting on her shoulders. Her hands moved to my hips, taking the thong in her hand, she slowly began to slide the underwear down, my last piece, however small of clothing. She moved up on her knees, looking at my eyes, seeing the pure desire in them as she slid the thong down my legs and throwing it across the room.
I was there before her, completely nude, my legs spread, my glistening wet lips open before her. She smiled and slowly moved toward my lips. I felt her tongue run along my inner thigh, I flinched when I felt it. All I could say was yes. I felt the tongue move closer and closer to most intimate place, and she stopped. Blowing lightly on my clit, she gave it a quick kiss. A peck only, but I shuddered at the touch, the sensation. She moved to my other thigh and began to slowly lick down, closer and closer. She was teasing me, I could feel myself become wetter, if that was possible.

And then I felt it, a soft, kiss on my wet lips followed by her tongue sliding between and along my lips. I let out a guttural moan in response, just feeling myself react, the incredible ecstasy her tongue brought. I just felt her begin to work her tongue up and down my wet slit. I could feel her concentrate on first one side and then the other. It was like nothing I had every experienced before. I could feel myself begin to build, a tension in my body. I felt her tongue slide up my slit and then, I just shuddered, as her tongue began to circle my clit. Around and around her tongue went, circling first in one direction and then the other. The pressure building on my clit, drove me harder and harder.

I felt myself building even faster than before. I locked her head between my thighs, moaning her name and all manner of things. Just begging her to eat me, to taste me, to make me cum for her. She pressed her tongue down upon my clit, increasing the pressure, before moving her tongue back and forth across my clit. I began tensing more and more, my body become tighter and tighter. I felt my breathing becoming shallower and shallower as I just moaned and groaned in response to her oral assault.

Then she sucked my clit into her mouth and released. I just exploded. I screamed her name, I cried out that I was cumming. I just started moaning her name again and again, Jeanette, Jeanette. I felt my body just release, every nerve in my body was firing, it was by far the deepest orgasm of the night, of my life. I grabbed her head in my hands and pressed her mouth to my pussy. I just begged her to keep licking, to keep eating me. She continued to slowly lick back and forth across my clit. I began tensing and shaking again as she built be toward another orgasm. Her deft tongue building me toward another one. I felt it build, tightening my body and then.

I released, felt it roll away, and I moaned, spoke her name, and told her how much I loved having her lick my pussy. My hands released as I could hardly take anymore. She slowly lifted her head up, after taking on long lick of my clit and looked at me. I just stared back in bliss, smiling at her. Knowing how powerful this was. You tasted like I always imagined you would, she said and then crawled back up to me. Kissing me on my lips, I tasted myself on her and I hungrily kissed her. My hands went to her large breasts, cupping and kneading them as we lay together. I pulled her into a embracing hug, feeling her body slide against mine. I could only groan at the incredible feel of it all.

I felt her reach behind me for something. I didn’t see what it was as I was too busy kissing those beautiful lips. Our tongues slid in and out and around. It was the kiss of a satisfied lover to an accomplished one. She found what she was looking for and her hand returned . . . with something semi-hard and artificial. I felt it slide down my body and slide along my lips. I realized what it was, she had found a dildo, and from the feel of it, it was shaped like the real thing. I felt her slide the fake penis up and down along my slit. She whispered to me, May I fuck you.

Oh yes was all I could say. And then it slid in. She gently guided it deep within me. I didn’t know at the time how big it was, but it had more size and girth than anything I had before. She expertly slid it into me and began to thrust in and out. I spread my legs in response, feeling her hand slide up against my clit each time she slid the dildo in. I just began to moan, feeling the hard contact. It was unlike any fuck I had ever had, it was deeper, stronger, more arousing, and more skilled than anything I else. We resumed our kiss but soon she began to kiss my neck as my head just lay back and I moaned in response to her. The regular contact with my clit was working, I felt myself build, not as deep as before, but I was building. Then she pushed the dildo all the way in and stopped, her thumb began stroking back and forth across my clit.

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