I Fell for My Best Friend’s Mother-Hot Lesbian

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To say that I always wanted her, would not be entirely true. I wanted her oldest daughter, Elizabeth, first. I pined for her until my sophomore year in High School (she was a year ahead). I didn’t even try to be with her, only a friend and she blew me off, calling me lame, flat along with a host of other insults.

With that avenue closed in my mind, I turned to her. She was the mother of my best friend, Meredith. She was forty years old my senior year and the embodiment of female beauty. She was everything I hoped to become. Her name was Jeanette, she was tall, 5′ 10″, dark brown hair down to her shoulders, a picturesque face with the most appealing lips. She had dark eyes that you could become lost in. She had a shapely figure despite the four children, nice wide hips, a narrow waist, and a substantial bust. Her breasts were nearly always pressing out of her top, begging to be set free. Her skin was a beautiful white, she had long gentle fingers, and graceful long legs.

Having gone to school with her children, I knew what people said about her. She was gorgeous in every way. I wanted her, and I felt like her just as I did for her daughter, the college freshman, but that bridge had closed a long time ago.

It was the fall of my senior year (I had turned 18 that August) and I was at her house with my best friend. We did our homework together for hours. She was out on a date, enjoying the town, and leaving us the house. My best friend takes after her mom, only slightly shorter, with longer hair, and less ample breasts. She was getting ready for bed and I had packed my backpack and was preparing to go home to sleep. I left her room after a goodbye hug and walked down the stairs.

When I entered their kitchen on my way to the back door I found her. She was sitting in one of the chairs crying. I dropped my bag and went over to her, kneeling in front of her, looking into her tear streaked face. What’s wrong I asked with real concern as I helped her to her feet. Her date hadn’t shown, leaving her at the restaurant, after waiting two hours, she had just left in tears. I looked her in the eyes, those dark brown eyes and told her it would be ok. I gave her a hug and I felt her body mold into mine, it made me warm. I am 18, 5′ 8″ with short blond hair, blue eyes w/ glasses, a curvy figure (as much as I try, there are some pounds that just won’t go away, but I have a good figure nonetheless), and B cup breasts. Needless to say, I was turned on as I held her in my arms and felt her arms wrap me up. I told her that no guy in his right mind would do that to her. The guy was a gal she corrected, then paused. I looked her into her eyes and said, you don’t need her, we can go on a date instead.

I knew what I had said, knew it slipped out, but knew that I wanted her, that I desired her, and that I should play confident, rather than meek. She looked me in my eyes, with a feeling of some lust, but then closed her eyes. I closed the distance and placed a light kiss upon her lips before quickly pulling away. I felt her freeze before softening to my touch. I saw her lick her lips as we pulled away, but then she closed her eyes shook her head and said not now. We can’t do this now. I nodded my head in understanding pulled myself up to her ear and whispered, another time then, just let me know. With that, I grabbed my bag and hurried out the door, I was burning up from the experience.

Two weeks went by and I acted like nothing happened. She did likewise as I continued to spend long hours at her house with Meredith. Then one weekend rolled around and Meredith went away for a academic competition in Minnesota and I was left in town. On Friday I received a text message on my cell phone. I recognized the number, it was Meredith’s mother. My heart skipped a beat as I checked the phone to read my message. It was short and sweet, “6pm, my place, dress sexy.” The rest of the day flew by as I looked forward to the evening and my anticipated date. I only hoped that it was what I hoped it would be.

I raced home and began to pick out my clothes for the evening ahead. I picked out a beautiful lacy black thong and matching bra. I chose a khaki skirt that went to my knees, a black camisole that showed off my breasts and a short black sweater that buttoned up. With my wardrobe selected I hurried off to the bathroom. I quickly cut and filed my nails before hoping in the shower. I seriously took a long shower, washing myself twice over, shaving my legs, arms, and all my pubic hair. Rinsing off one last time I jumped out of the shower and began drying off. After drying off I put my hair back into a ponytail and went over my nails one last time. I dressed, applied my make-up, selected a comfortable, but dressy pair of flats and was ready to go. As I drove the thirty minute drive to her house I tried to calm myself, to steady my nerves and control my imagination. I succeeded at the first two, but failed at the third. I pulled up into the driveway as I had many times before, but this time, it was going to be different, or so I hoped. I walked to the door and it swung open, she had been waiting for me.

There she stood, the object of my lusts and desires. She had her hair down, but slightly curled. She wore a deep red lipstick, but little else. Her dark blue blouse was unbuttoned just enough to show off the tops of her beautiful large breasts, it appeared that she was not wearing a bra. She had a pair of tight khaki capris that allowed me to appreciate the beauty of those long legs. She wore a pair of heels that gave her another two inches as well. She welcomed me in with a infectious smile. She closed the door behind me, took my purse and bag, setting them on a nearby table, and brought me into a warm embrace. I felt the warmth emanating from her, it was a wonderful safe feeling. I looked her in the eyes and this time saw no pain, no fear, just warmth. She leant down, wetting her lips and kissed me. I returned her kiss, slowly parting my lips as I felt her tongue run along them, I could feel myself begin to grow wet from this moment. After what seemed like an eternity of this welcoming kiss she promised more of that latter, but first some dinner, music and dancing.

We sat down in her dinning room, two places were kitty-corner from each other on the table. She pulled out my chair as I say, I looked up into her eyes and saw love and lust at the same time. She handed me a glass of chilled white wine and went to the kitchen. She had soft jazz music playing in the background and candles lit the room with the shades drawn shut. It was a very romantic atmosphere.

She returned with two salads with a vinagrette dressing and some goat cheese. The salad was good, but I hardly remember it. I had to eat with my left hand, as my right spent most of its time in her left hand. She had an infectious smile on her face and I just blushed and looked into her eyes. When we finished our salads, she leaned into me, I leaned back and we kissed. She pulled away and taking our plates returned to the kitchen. I continued to sip the cold Riesling, it was very good with a sharpness to it. She returned with the main course, and placed it before me. It was an orzo with some scallops. It was an incredible dinner, see was a regular Giatta, with the sexy outfit to match. As we ate our dinners, we continued to look at each other, hardly a word was spoken the entire meal.

Once I finished she stood up and offered me her hands I eager accepted. We moved away from the table, she turned the music up and placing her hands on my hips, she pulled me tight against her. I felt her thigh move against me and I pushed back. I let her pull me tight as I placed my arms around her neck, looking up at her, smiling. We kissed, a long sensual kiss as we swayed together. My wetness began to build, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter at this incredible contact. When our lips parted I know I had a huge smile on my face.

Why me I asked her wondering what response it would be. She explained how much my words of comfort meant to her. She also told me how much my offer of a date warmed her and filled her with desire. She began to pour out her entire life story, how she had always been attracted to women, but felt compelled to be conventional, marrying her husband, having kids and then, he left. How that event created a void, a void she only recently began trying to fill. She had begun to accept her desires, to look for that companionship in another woman. She had two discreet relationships, but the one love she had, deserted her for another. That was the day I found her, recovering from a broken heart. I asked if I was going to be a rebound.

No she replied, you are so much more before leaning in for another kiss. Her hands pulled me in tighter, one sliding down, and I felt her hand begin to gently massage my ass. I felt our breasts pushing together as our bodies moved together. I began to massage her neck with one of my hands, feeling her hair against my hand as we kissed. Our mouths were open, closing on lips, our tongues running against lips and each other. It was by far the most erotic kiss I had ever had. When we parted we looked into each others eyes. Wow was all I could muster in response.

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