How Would I Make You Cum?

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More, surly not!

Did I hear you right?

I decide that I did so I gently bring my fingers out so that only the tips rest against your pulsing hole and then curl my thumb into my palm and slowly, very slowly proceed to push my curled hand into your gaping wet pussy.

Your pussy is very wet and has been thoroughly warmed up and stretched by my actions so far and my fingers and hand are coated in juices so I think I might just be able to do this if you let me!

To start with I feel resistance from your muscles and then ever so slowly your muscles relax and my hand slowly slides into you. Fuck, I have never seen a more amazing sight; my hand is in your pussy and your lips are stretched tightly around my wrist. You gasp as you get used to the feeling of being so full and then slowly being to fuck my fist. I just hold my arm still and watch in amazement as your pussy engulfs my hand, leaving a tide mark of pussy juice on my wrist.

I can feel your muscles spasming as you slowly slide my hand in and out of your pussy, within a few minutes you start to get faster and faster and then I am sprayed with your juice as you squirt all over me as you cum and cum, over and over again. I can even see your arse hole pulsing as you orgasm. It is the most intense feeling (you tell me after that it was the best and most intense orgasm you have ever experienced). As you lay slumped on the bed, face down, arse and pussy up in the air I gently withdraw my hand from your pussy, you simply shudder and have one more orgasm, you pussy is obscenely wide, open for me to see everything, it looks amazing. I lean forward past you prone body and kiss you hard on the lips and after a few minutes, between us we lick your juice off of my hand.

I have one final treat for you, your pussy has had it’s fill of me for the time being. I pull you by the hips back into a kneeling position and place the head of my still hard cock at your arse and gently pull you back onto my cock. The pre-cum from my helmet combined with the juice from our earlier escapades provides more than enough lubrication to allow me to quickly penetrate your arse until my pubes touch your cheeks.

I slowly being to pump my cock in and out of your arse, I look down at your head and can just see one of your tits swaying with each thrust, nipple grazing the bed, a gorgeous sight. One of your hands reaches between your spread legs, past your soaking, ravaged pussy and grabs hold of my balls, stopping them from slapping your swollen pussy. I feel you grasp them and gently milk them, pulling and squeezing them before your release me and start rubbing your clit.

I know I won’t last long; I’m in sensory overload at the moment with everything we have done and are still doing.

Your arse is so tight, it feels amazing. Our pace gets quicker and quicker, my cock pistoning in and out of your arse, your moans grow louder, the slapping sound as your arse cheeks connect with me spur us both on and soon the inevitable happens. I feel my cum start to well up inside my balls again and I call out that I’m going to cum. This spurs you on and I feel you really impaling your arse on by hard cock. Within seconds I start cumming, realising my spunk deep into your arse, my cock pulsing away deep inside you, this has the effect of making you cum, an intense anally induced orgasm, you call out as you cum and we collapse on the bed panting.

After a few minutes I feel my cock, still buried inside your arse begin to soften. I pull it out slowly and look down to see your arse hole open from my cock, my cum inside you, you look like you have died and gone to heaven, you look happy and exhausted coated in your juices and my cum.

I lie down next to you and gently stroke your naked body, savouring your touch and noticing the smell of sex on both of us for the first time.

I gently run my hand over your arse hole and can’t resist one last play. I ease two fingers into your cum soaked arse, pumping them in and out for a few minutes, coating them in my cum. I make you very happy but am worried that it will be too much for you so I stop, clean my fingers and curl up behind you and spoon, my cock pressed into your arse and my hand cupping you gorgeous tit. I pull the bed covers over us and we drift of to sleep, each of us dreaming filthy dreams of our next time, maybe with toys or an outdoor adventure!

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