How Would I Make You Cum?

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I bring my hand up and rub my finger around your pussy, coating it in your juice and then slowly slide my finger all the way into your arse, it slips in and makes you grind you pussy harder into my face. I can feel you pushing down to try and get more of my finger up your arse, it’s so tight. I start to pump my finger in and out of your arse, this does the trick and you start fucking my face and finger with your wet pussy and tight arse, within a few minutes your juices flood my mouth as you cum again, your pussy muscles sucking on my tongue and your arse pulling on my finger. I love it!

I pull my finger out of your arse and crawl between your legs, my cock comes to rest over your wet pussy and as we start kissing you taste your pussy juice in my mouth and on my lips. We can both feel my cock nudging your entrance. As we kiss I am so turned on that as my cock moves around it drips pre-cum over your stomach and pussy. I break the kiss and grab a drink from the pint glass on the bedside table.

I go back down to your pussy and start again with the oral onslaught, but unknown to you I now have two ice cubes in my mouth that I got when I took my drink.

The first you know is when you gasp as my now very cold mouth touches your very hot, swollen and wet pussy. You have a little orgasm from this and before you can fully recover i go to work again but this time I use my tongue to slip the ice cubes into your pussy and I slowly push them in and suck them out, this starts to make you writhe on the bed with pleasure so I take one of the cubes out and keep it in my mouth and then suck on your clit. The results are near instantaneous and you explode into my mouth as you cum hard. There is more juice than the last times as you now have iced water up your pussy as well, no matter I quickly clean you up.

I look up at you and ask if you’re ready to carry on, your chest is flushed bright red and your tits are heaving, you just nod. God you look amazing lying there with your legs spread wide open and your pussy lips open. I can see your pussy gently pulsing as you come down from your earlier orgasm!

I kneel between your legs and pull you towards me so we are almost touching. I put you legs either side of me and start rubbing my wet, shinny cock head up and down you pussy opening, I rub from your clit to your arse hole, smearing our juices together. My cock is getting very sensitive now so I stop sliding it and push cock straight into your pussy; you’re so wet it goes straight in until my balls touch you.

We slowly start fucking, I savour sliding my cock slowly in and out of you, I really enjoying watching your pussy as it opens and closes around me, your tits moving all over the place look great, a very horny sight indeed, I reach for your magnificent tits and start fondling and stroking them before I pinch your nipples, teasing them until you gasp and then gently suck on each nipple, nibbling them as I go. I kneel back up and you reach between your legs and start rubbing your clit and touch my cock at the point where we join, feeling it disappear into you with each thrust.

God your wet, the noise your pussy makes as we fuck is amazing, I can feel your juice as it runs out of you onto my balls, coating them in your gorgeous juices.

We carry on fucking, varying the pace and tempo for a long time; you cum a few times more while were fucking before I feel my balls start to tighten.

You can sense that I’m about to cum, flooding your pussy with my cum so you change the pace and start fucking me harder and faster, driving me deep inside you so that my balls are really slapping your arse, I can’t take this pace for long and within a few minutes I start cumming deep inside you, pumping you full of my cum, I can’t believe how hard I cum, my orgasm seems to just keep going, I’m cumming like a fountain. We keep fucking as I cum inside you and this pushes you over the edge as well and makes you cum with me deep inside you. We just slowly stop our thrusting and just enjoy the feeling of each other locked together, my cock and your pussy twitching away as our orgasms subside. I slowly pull out of you, my cock still hard, a welcomed sight indeed. Your pussy is open wide and I can easily see our combined juices as they start to ooze out of you. It’s such a horny sight, you look obscenely sexy lying there like that and I love it.

I go down on you and quickly start to lick you clean, sucking our combined juices from you. Once you’re a little cleaner I put one, then two and then three fingers inside you and finger you as deep as I can, you easily take my fingers and I wonder if you can take more.

I kneel up again and kiss you hard, our tongues connect and you get to taste our combined juices, this gets us both moaning.

I look at you and say “turn over and get on your knees”, you don’t question why, you willingly do it, you and I both know that I would never do anything to hurt you and, if you wanted me to stop you only have to ask, you never do though.

I get behind you and just admire the view. Your tits are hanging down, your nipples very hard and just touching the bed, your pussy is spread wide open, I can see every little detail, it looks so fucking hot and I can still see some of our combined juices in you. Your arse hole is slick with our love making as well. You look so fucking depraved and horny. I wish I had a camera so I could capture you like this.

I slowly put a finger into your pussy, and then quickly add a second and then a third. This makes you happy and I can hear you sigh and moan, gently pushing yourself back onto me. You rest your chest on the bed and relax some more. I carry on fingering you for a few minutes and then I gently add a fourth finger; your pussy is still so wet so it goes in with little resistance. I feel you tense for a second and then you push back onto me, you like it I can tell and you soon cum, I can feel your muscles clamping my fingers and your juices flowing around my fingers.

Once you have recovered I hear you quietly say “more”.

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