How Would I Make You Cum?

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How would I make you cum?

Were alone in the bedroom and have all the time in the world.

I start by holding you close and slowly run my hands over your body, caressing and stroking you whilst I gently kiss your lips and neck.

I kiss you with my tongue so that I feel our tongues intertwining. I slide my hand up under your top and stroke your back (undoing your bra) and then slowly slide my hand down the back of your trousers, down, under your knickers and cup your arse checks, stroking, spreading and kneading your arse.

I break our kissing to undo your trousers and let them fall to the floor and then step back to take off your top and bra, dropping them on the floor to leave you standing in front of me in just your lacy knickers (French).

I stand there for a few moments taking in the site of your gorgeous almost naked body, watching as your nipples quickly get harder and harder on your truly amazing tits. Your body is superb and just looking at you in all your glory makes me so hard!

I lay you down on the bed and remove your knickers to reveal your smooth bald pussy. Your knickers are very damp, in fact they are just plain wet and I can easily smell your pussy juices on them as I bring them to my face and feel the dampness of you on them. I can’t resist so quickly flick my tongue out to taste you, superb, I can’t wait to get a proper taste of you now.

I kiss you again this time exploring your body with my hands as you try to grab my hard cock through my trousers. I push your hands away as that’s for later!

I bend my neck and take a nipple into my mouth, gently nibbling it and sucking it…..heaven. The other one gets the same treatment but I hold onto it with my teeth and pull it gently which makes you squirm with pleasure. My hand has by this stage found your smooth, bald pussy and is slowly rubbing it; I grind my palm into your lips and clit, spreading your juices and loving it as your pussy juice coats my hand, god you’re wet, this turns me on even more,

I slip a finger into your pussy and very slowly slide it into you until it can’t go any further. I know you like to be fingered slow and deep and can feel your pussy sucking on my finger like it wants to eat it! I slowly begin to slide it in and out as deep as I can go, I can hear your pussy juices as they squish around my finger. I love that sound so much and you know I love a woman with a wet pussy.

I can’t take any more so I reluctantly take my finger out and get you to lick your juice from my finger and palm. This almost makes me cum as I love to watch you clean your own juices up, it’s a dirty turn on that I love, so depraved!

I quickly take my clothes off and in no time I climb onto the bed naked, sporting a nice hard cock. I allow you to touch my cock and balls for a few minutes and you eagerly pull my cock and balls enjoying how they feel and move. You like the fact that I keep my shaft and top of my balls shaved, easier to see everything and it feels so good for both of us. Your quick play, coupled with the fact that I am by now extremely horny means that my cock is leaking large amounts of pre-cum over your hand. My cock head is coated in it and it’s starting to drip off my helmet on to you.

Fuck I am horny now and by the looks of you so are you! Your chest is really flushed, your tits heaving, nipples erect and your pussy is glistening with juice, your lips and clit are clearly engorged.

I move so that I am closer to your pussy, almost sitting at your side and then I slide one, then two fingers into you while you slowly alternate between pumping my cock with your hand and playing with my balls. I love watching as your pussy lips separate and your pussy swallows my fingers with ease. I slowly pump them in and out as deep as I can go whilst I rub your clit, within a few minutes I feel your pussy spasm as you cum hard on my fingers, juice flowing out of your pussy and down over your beautiful puckered little arse hole. You squeeze my cock hard as you cum and both of us groan with please from each others work love fingering you and don’t want to stop yet so don’t.

I add a third finger to really stretch and stimulate you and then I rub a finger from my other hand around your pussy and then slide my now wet finger down and place it at your arse hole, slowly to make sure your comfortable with it and so that I don’t hurt you I push against your arse. I feel resistance at first and then you relax and my finger gently slides all the way into your arse, you gasp and push back onto my finger, it’s as deep as I can get it without adding a second finger which I don’t want to do just yet! It feels amazing and I can feel my fingers in each hole between the wall of your arse and pussy, fuck that’s horny and judging by the way your pushing yourself onto me I think you’re enjoying the sensation as well as me. I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy, slowly and deeply, it’s amazing to see your pussy so full, your pussy lips are stretched obscenely and it looks amazing. You arse looks just as good with my digit deeply embedded in it and even better when I gently begin to finger your arse using your own juices as lube!

I adjust my fingers in your pussy so I can curl them up and in doing so I feel the texture inside your pussy wall change from smooth to rough, the magic g-spot. It doesn’t take long to make you cum and my god you cum. Your pussy literally gushes juice and it squirts out of you and coats my hand and the other parts of my body in range of your marvellous gushing pussy. Your pussy and arse spasming so much I feel like I will never get my fingers back!

I think your pussy needs some tender loving care now so I take my fingers out of you and get you to lick them clean, this time I help and we steal a few deep kisses in the process. God you taste amazing and it would appear you like the taste of me as well as you let go of my hard cock and eagerly lick my pre-cum from your hand.

Once we are a little cleaner I lay down on the bed between your legs looking up at your pussy and start sucking on your wet pussy lips and engorged clit. I gently probe your pussy with my tongue, hearing you moan with approval I slide my tongue into you until I bump your clit. I love your taste and eagerly start going to work on your pussy. I alternate between sucking your pussy lips and clit and plunging my tongue into you and then licking the roof of your pussy to try and get your g-spot. I stop for a second and just lick you pussy lips again and ever so slowly lick down to your arse hole and lick you here before I slowly push the tip of it into your rose bud. It’s slick with your pussy juice and goes in easily, this really makes you moan. I take it out after a few minutes and go back to your pussy.

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