Honeymoon Cuckold

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I awoke blurry eyed. My naked body was pressed tightly against my new bride’s warm clothless form. It was the first morning of our honeymoon at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica.

I pried my eyes open and looked around the room. Carole’s wedding dress was draped over the love seat and two champagne bottles sat, empty, on the coffee table.

My head ached, my mouth was dry, my jaw was sore and I was still drunk from the night before.

I ran my fingers along my pretty new wife’s soft skin up from her full hips and across her soft tummy to her nice firm 36c breasts. Her soft supple skin held the dried evidence of the previous night and my alcohol clouded mind fought to fill in the details.

My cock grew hard as I filled in the blanks.

I remembered stumbling back to our room. We had been out drinking and dancing. I never danced sober and Carole wasn’t much of a dancer either.

We had been drinking steadily from the moment we first boarded the plane at 11am. It was a direct flight from DC to Jamaica and we flew first class because it was our Honeymoon.

We were both three sheets to the wind by the time we got to the resort. We quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the main pool where we continued to drink at the swim up bar.

We changed back into our casual clothes for dinner. Carole wore tan shorts and a tight blue halter top. I was in khaki cargo shorts and a dark blue polo shirt. We ate at one of the many restaurants during which we continued to drink.

We met Robert and Byron at the dance club. Like Carole and I, they were at Sandals for their Honeymoon. They had been married on Cape Cod and arrived in Jamaica the previous day. Robert was a slightly built white guy with a friendly outgoing but effeminate personality. Byron was a big muscular black man with a deep resounding voice but a quiet laid back personality.

Robert hit it off with my wife and they chatted like long lost girlfriends as Byron and I talked sports. Like me, Byron was a big Red Sox fan and we wondered how the upcoming season would be.

The four of us chatted and danced long into the night. Carole and I had slowed our drinking at the club but we were still drunk when the club closed for the night. It was only 2am and we were still wide awake. I was looking forward to some hot sex and I thought Carole was too so I was surprised when she invited Robert and Byron back to our room to continue the party.

To my dismay they accepted and ten minutes later we were toasting our marriages in our honeymoon suite.

“Let me see your dress,” Robert said and Carole quickly pulled it from the closet.

“Oh my god it’s gorgeous,” Robert exclaimed as he touched the soft silky gown. “Put it on.”

I watched in stunned silence as my wife stripped down to her panties and pulled her wedding gown on. Carole had always been very self conscious about her body so her willingness to get naked in a room full of people was very out of character.

“I love it,” Robert said, “you are stunning.”

Byron and I both agreed. Carole started to dance around the room and Robert began to hum a striptease song.

“Take it off,” Byron said playfully as Carole swung her hips in front of our new friend. She turned around, hiked the dress up and pulled her panties off as she wriggled her ass in his smiling face.

The look on Byron’ face betrayed him and I suspected that he was not completely gay.

Carole turned to face Byron. She rubbed her excited pussy through her wedding gown then sank to her knees between his spread thighs. My sexy drunk wife draped her shoulder length brown hair over Byron’s crotch and pretended to give him a blow job. She was inches away from his dick but she wasn’t touching it. She slowly raised her head and looked into his dark brown eyes.

Byron gave my wife an encouraging smile as she knelt between his legs and Carole accepted his silent invitation. She ran her fingers slowly up his leg as his husband Robert and I looked on. Her fingers reached his groin and a look of shock spread across my wife’s pretty face as she touched Byron’s engorged rod.

“I know honey,” Robert laughed as he watched my wife’s reaction to his husband’s giant dick. “It’s the biggest I’ve ever had.”

Carole paused for a moment. Her hand subconsciously stroked Byron’s dick through his shorts as she pondered the situation. It was less than 48 hours since our wedding ceremony and she was on her knees between the spread legs of a recently married gay black man as both her new husband and his watched. She slowly, reluctantly, moved away from Byron’s dick and turned around as she continued to sway to unheard music. Her hips gyrated and she lifted her dress giving Byron a close up view of her shaved wet pussy.

Byron reached out and stroked my wife’s swollen pussy lips.

Carole’s eyes were closed tight and she moaned softly. Her moan was for him and he knew it. He rubbed her clit fast as he plunged two thick black fingers inside her. She responded by pushing back against him.

Byron knew his way around a woman and in minutes my wife cried out as she came. Her body shook and quivered as her pussy spasmed around his fingers.

Carole didn’t miss a beat. She dropped her dress and danced over to me as Robert slid into the now vacant place between Byron’s legs.

Robert quickly peeled his clothes off and freed Byron’s mammoth cock. He lowered his mouth to his husband’s big dick as my wife moved seductively in front of me.

“I need you inside me,” Carole said as she pulled her dress up and backed her ass toward me.

I quickly pulled my shorts down and guided my 6″ dick into my wife’s pussy from behind. I grabbed Carole’s hips and thrust my throbbing cock into her soaking wet pussy. In the three years we had been together I had never felt her that wet.

We had never been swingers or discussed group sex, voyeurism or exhibitionism but it was clear in our actions that we were up for almost anything.

I pounded my cock into my bride’s wet pussy as we watched Robert give his well endowed husband a blow job for the ages. I was no homophobe but the thought of two men together had always grossed me out yet as I watched Robert service his husband’s giant tool I found it incredibly erotic.

Carole pushed her ass back to meet my hard thrusts and the room was filled with an odd mix of raw primal sounds. The sound of slapping flesh was drowned out by my wife’s groans and moans as she approached her second climax of the night. Carole’s moans, the slurps and moans of Robert mixed with the guttural noises of Byron’s pleasure created a symphony of sexual pleasure.

Carole came hard as I fucked her furiously from behind. Her body quivered and quaked as her pussy spasmed around my fast moving dick her eyes were glued to Byron’s massive cock the entire time. She moved away from my dripping hard dick. Her wedding gown fell into place and she glided toward Byron’s big black cock.

“Do you want to take over,” Robert asked as he offered his husband’s cock to my wife.

“Yes,” Carole hissed as she grabbed Byron’s big black cock. Her small alabaster hands were dwarfed by his giant ebony fuck stick.

I felt a pang of jealousy coupled with a surge of excitement as my wife of 2 days started to lick Byron’s dick. Carole noisily slurped and sucked on his big black cock as I slowly stroked my dripping wet rod.

Robert walked naked across the room. His thin hairless body was toned and tan making him look like a flat chested woman. His cock was fully erect but it was only 4 inches long in striking contrast to his husband’ massive member.

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