His Sister’s Secret Life

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“Will I hurt your ribs?”

“Jimmy, stop messing about and just fuck me for heavens sake.”

So he set to with a will, his athletic body now capable of extreme endurance before finally shooting off and leaving his sister wrung out like a dishcloth after her third and most violent orgasm.

“James you’re a bloody marvel.”

She was lying panting with exhaustion.

“Between you and Francesca I was well taught.”

He had settled in and was returning to his room having spent the day finding his way around the various buildings on the campus when he saw the door opposite open slowly and a face peer around the jamb.

“Can you get my lap top onto the net?”

Her voice was soft and melodious.

“I can try.”

She entered his room with a computer pressed against her breasts and his cock stirred at the sight.

“I’m Amy Carter.”

“Hi Amy. Jimmy, Jimmy Baxter.”

Within a fortnight their bed’s had become interchangeable and later she even took a big risk by showing Jimmy how to tie her up before sex.


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