His Sister’s Secret Life

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He was amazed at the power he now had over this fabulous woman and watched in wonder as Bella orgasmed, jerking over and over again whilst slowly winding down and finally lying prone and sated.

Later when he had sketchily straightened the bed clothes she confided in her brother.

“I nearly got off yesterday when that busty nurse was giving me a sponge bath. She seemed to spend an awful long time washing my clit but sadly it was over too soon.”

“You mean the one with the big tit’s?”

“Yeah, that one.”

Then Bella had pity on Jimmy and sent him to wank in her private bathroom.

“But leave the door open so I can watch.”

Their mother, a head mistress in her late forties, was a divorced woman who wasn’t short of admirers although she rarely succumbed to any advances.

She was extremely fit having been, along with her son, a member of the local fitness centre for some time. Wise in the ways of the world she cornered Jimmy one evening in Isabella’s apartment.

“You’ve lost your virginity.”

It was a statement rather than a question and he wisely remained silent.

“Did you take precautions?”

“Of course, what do you take me for?”

“A horny teenager, that’s what, and I’m glad you’ve taken notice of my warnings. But to change the subject I’m worried about your sister. She never seems to have a boyfriend.”

“Mom, even if I knew anything you wouldn’t expect me to tell tales?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that I’m becoming pretty sure that she’s a lesbian. I mean there’s more to her relationship with Francesca than meets the eye.”

“Is that so bad? Like how would you feel if I announced that I was homosexual?”

“You mean like your father.”

“Jesus, was he?”

“Yes, but only later.”

“Wow. I never knew.”

“How would you? You were only three when he went off to live with another man. But to come back to Isabella. I suppose the thought of her preferring women isn’t so bad?”

His Sister’s Secret Life

“Perhaps she’s just been disappointed by the men she’s been with.”

“How wise of you Jimmy. In my experience most men are truly hopeless. But what about you son, who took your virginity?”

He smiled at the memory.

“A woman at the Urban Farm.”

“Was it good?”

“Mom this is really embarrassing.”

“Why? I know all about young men, how horny they get, how difficult it is for them to learn how to make love rather than merely fuck. So tell me all.”

“Okay. That time was just sex, like I didn’t even fancy the girl but she had a hold over me. But since then every time has been just great if a little strange. This one’s older than me and has taught me how to properly please a woman.”

“Good for her. That’s how it should be.”

It was some weeks after the accident before Isabella was fit enough to return home and almost time for Jimmy to leave for college. Brother and sister spent an afternoon together.

He had enjoyed getting his sister off in her hospital bed. It had continued almost daily until the moment the plaster-of-paris was removed and she could look after herself. But today Bella had other things on her mind.

“I need you in my bedroom.”

He obeyed without question remembering all the sessions with Francesca.

“Shall I tie you up?”

“No need darling. I only get off by tying others up. Being the victim actually has no appeal for me.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

He had suddenly reckoned that he might be cast as the victim. That he would be the one tied up but that was not remotely Bella’s intention.

“I want you to give me a proper fuck. I was so jealous of Francesca when she kept singing your praises about how good you’d got and how often you made her cum. It really turned me on and I couldn’t do anything about it until she or you took mercy on me.”

“But it would be wrong.”

“Sod that Jimmy. Just let’s do what gives us both pleasure and hurts no one else.”

They undressed and Isabella lay back on her bed with legs wide apart. Her previously shaven bush was now fully regrown after the enforced hospital stay and his eyes widened at the sight of her juices clinging to the hairs.

“Suck me off first Jimmy. I hear you’ve grown very good at that.”

She smelt wonderful, different to the red head but equally exciting, and he was a little disappointed when she came in minutes and drew him up onto her belly.

“Put it in now, that’s what I want more than anything.”

“Wait while I get some protection.”

He made to roll off but she immediately locked her legs around his backside.

“I’ve been on the pill for years Jimmy.”

He slipped in easily, she was already well lubricated having cum once, but he suddenly became worried.

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