His Sister’s Secret Life

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He was quiet as he reckoned up the frequency of his own wanking, particularly since moving into Isabella’s place. But it was as if his sister was a mind reader.

“How often do you do it brother dear.”

He was buggered if he would reply but she wouldn’t take silence for an answer.

“Come on James. You already know everything about me.”

“Okay. If I’m honest it’s three or four times a day, sometimes five, but only since I moved into your place. Like you it was probably twice a day before that.”

“So have you had a women yet?”

“Once. The other day in fact.”

He told Isabella the whole unsavoury story and she giggled until the pain from her ribs became too severe.

A day later and after dark the doorbell rang. He opened up to find Francesca who slipped in before pulling him close.

“Is that for me?”

Her voice was husky as she whispered in his ear. She was referring to his erection which had grown solid against her stomach.


He had muttered apologetically only for her to pin him against the wall and begin a circular motion with her hips.

“Isabella has sent me to educate you.”

Her breath was sweet against his cheek as he began to lose control.

“I’m sorry Francesca, I’m going to cum.”

She nuzzled his neck as he anointed his Y-fronts then stroked his cheek.

“Never mind darling, lets go and get you cleaned up.”

She led him to the bathroom, clearly knowing her way around the apartment, and having stripped him naked found a face cloth with which she wiped Jimmy tenderly.

“Next time you’ll do much better.”

She was already drawing him into the bedroom where this wet dream of a woman slowly stripped.

“Tie me up Jimmy.”

He was shocked. This was altogether out of his comfort zone but she seemed to sense his confusion.

“No not on my back, let me turn over. You’ll find some silk scarves in the top drawer which Bella keeps for that purpose.”

He searched, the activity making his cock go limp, but somehow as he leant over her quivering body to secure first her wrists and then her ankles to the bedposts his erection returned like magic.

“Get the hairbrush Jimmy, yes that’s the one. Now beat my bum darling boy.”

He began tentatively, afraid of hurting, but she would have none of his lack of enthusiasm.

“Harder darling, lay on like you meant it.”

And so he obeyed causing her to thrash about before raising her bottom and shrieking as a powerful orgasm hit and she subsided flat to the sheet.

Maybe it was the sight of her wide open fanny, wet and moist, that then got him going and as he climbed on Jimmy was amused to see that her profuse pubic hair was as red as that caught up in her pony tail.

“Fuck me up the back Jimmy.”

Her eyes were closed and her bum rose to greet him but despite his inexperience Jimmy found the right hole and slipped in without difficulty.

This time he successfully held off his own climax and felt triumphant as she came noisily before he withdrew and shot off into her thatch.

“How did you get on with Francesca?”

They were alone in Isabella’s private room as Jimmy’s mother had an urgent staff meeting back at school.

“I was humiliated because I came in my boxer’s before we were even out of the hall.”

“Oh darling, how shaming for you.”

“But I didn’t realise that I had to tie her up.”

“She can’t get off unless someone does.”

“Oh, and I thought it was my expertise.”

“A bit of both brother dear, but now you owe me big time.”

“Okay, so what do you need?”

“I’ve already told you.”

“What me! You want your own brother to get you off?”

“Who better.”


“Yup, I’ve been going mad lying here not being able to touch myself.”

He still looked doubtful.

“You can start by caressing my breasts.”

Oh god he thought, this is so wrong, but it’s what I’ve dreamed of for so long. In the event her nipples rose at his touch and she sighed with pleasure.

“Pinch them Jimmy. Roll them around in your finger tips then for pities sake kiss me.”

Her mouth opened under his and she played with his tongue as he tended her tits until she was soon gasping with enjoyment.

“Now my clit Jimmy…How it’s longed for a proper seeing to but don’t touch it directly…Just circle the hood with your finger.”

He did as asked all the time conscious that her breathing was becoming heavier, more uncontrolled, until she finally whispered in his ear.

“Put your fingers in me now…In a bit more…Ohh that’s perfect.”

She writhed on his hand with her hips rolling until he sensed a change when her voice became guttural with passion.

“Now you find my “G” Spot. Curl your fingers forward and you’ll feel a soft spongy bit. Yes there, that’s the place. Now stroke it.”

Jimmy felt her hips rise and her breathing quicken as his own erection strained in his jeans.

“Rub it ’til I cum…It wont take long…Ohh…Ohhh…Ohhhh…That’s nice Jimmy…Now it’s beginning…Ohhhhh yes…That’s fucking great…ohhhhhh…”

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