His Sister’s Secret Life

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He woke to stained sheets and having anointed them with a further sticky load then got into a panic. But when he calmed down Jimmy just bundled the lot, including the contents of Isabella’s linen basket, into a bag and set off for the Laundromat on the next corner.

Having no idea how to proceed a friendly female showed Jimmy what to do and having returned to remake the bed he later set off for the hospital.

Bella had returned to the land of the living and smiled wanly when he arrived.

“Mom tells me that you’re watching over my place.”

He thought she looked a trifle wary so bent forward to whisper in her ear.

“No worries big sis, you’re secrets are safe with me.”

He had no idea how wrong that statement would soon prove but she merely smiled once more.

Later his mother was amazed and left full of praise for Jimmy’s efforts in washing everything and even dealing with the bed. However that evening the phone rang again. It was the same woman as before.

“If I visit the hospital tomorrow is that okay?”

“I expect so, in fact Bella’s conscious now. She’s been moved to Emergency.”

This time he delved further in his search and discovered a number of Domination films. Jimmy settled back to be entertained but for some reason was not even remotely turned on by the action.

Evidently pictures of women dominating other women was not his idea of a sexual romp but curiously it clearly appealed to his sister.

Was she a lesbian? Was she the dominatrix or a victim? He opened up the computer again but this time scrolled down his sisters stored Emails and singled out some from three women in particular.

From Andrea to Isabella

You made me cum so hard last night. I even came again in the car as I drove home. How soon can we do it again.

From Isabella to Andrea

You’ll have to beg a lot harder before that will ever happen.

From Francesca to Isabella

My arse cheeks were so painful I had to use a cushion but last night was heaven. I am your slave forever.

From Belinda to Isabella

My husband saw the marks on my wrists where you’d tied me up. I laughed in his face until his pitiful erection subsided.

“Jesus. Was one of these the woman who phoned?”

“Francesca,” croaked Isabella, “this is a nice surprise but how did you know I was in hospital?”

“I rang your number and spoke to Jimmy. For a mere brother he sounded pretty clued up.”

“He’s on duty at the City Farm today otherwise you would have met.”

Even as they were speaking Jimmy was about to cum. A sudden erection had needed immediate attention and so, not for the first time and hidden behind the cowshed, his hand redoubled speed and with a stifled cry he liberally coated the corrugated iron against which he was leaning.

But his efforts had been observed by two prurient young woman. The attractive one of the pair was content to admire Jimmy from afar and deal with her arousal later, but the other had decided to act.

In what passed as a canteen this unappealing bird had decided on a way to answer her most pressing problem. Not being in any way desirable a chance to get rid of an unwanted virginity was heaven sent.

“I think they will sack you, but there is a way to save yourself.”

Jimmy looked hard at the fat girl.

“Tomorrow when the farm is closed you can fuck me, otherwise I’m telling the management all about your behaviour.”

The two girls had taken Jimmy to what doubled as an office and the plump one was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. He was actually having difficulty getting a proper erection but the sight of the pretty girl’s hand moving inside her overalls helped no end.

“Bend over the desk,” he ordered then pulled down the podgy girl’s panties and rolled a johnnie onto his now much stiffer cock.

“Open your legs wider.”

She obeyed and he rammed home. The tart squealed then pushed back to meet his thrusts but while his hands gripped her hips his eyes were fixed on the masturbating girl. She was leaning back against the wall with her gaze fixed on the copulating couple and the shape of her hand as it worked on her pussy was outlined clearly despite the loose fitting denim.

“Are you ready to cum?” He mouthed later in her direction.

Heavy lidded she merely nodded “Yes” before the movement of her hand suddenly slowed and her legs started to shake. Then her body arched forward and she cried out at which point Jimmy immediately shot his load.

“But I haven’t had an orgasm?”

The overweight girls voice was anguished when he stopped moving but Jimmy merely withdrew and peeled off the blood stained condom which he dropped on the desk before replacing his overall.

“I only agreed to a fuck not to get you off, oh, and I’ll leave the johnnie as a souvenir.”

“I know you little brother, you’ve found my CD’s and been into my emails?”

Their mother had left the Ward to discuss treatment with the duty doctor and Isabella was taking the opportunity of quizzing Jimmy in private. She could see at once from his guilty face that her suspicions were true.

“And I hear that you’ve discovered the Laundromat. I bet my sheets were in a sorry state.”

He just nodded having been caught without any excuse.

“So how do you feel about having a sister with lesbian tendencies?”

“Okay I suppose, but have you ever tried blokes?”

“Of course, particularly when I was your age, but so many of them proved a real disappointment.”

“I can see that I’ve got a lot to learn, what do you mean ‘a disappointment’?”

“They don’t understand what a woman needs,” he still looked puzzled so she continued, “they don’t know how to give a woman pleasure.”

“And tying them up does?”

She smiled tentatively.

“Some women really like it although I haven’t tried very often with men.”

By the next visit Bella was out of Emergency Care and into a private room, courtesy of her health insurance.

“This is very nice.”

Jimmy’s mother had looked around in admiration but at that moment a woman in her early thirties arrived and was introduced as Francesca.

“Bloody hell,” said Jimmy, but fortunately not in anyone’s hearing, then sat on the margins admiring his sister’s lover.

She had flaming red hair and virtually no tits but was nevertheless a real looker. About 1.8 metres, he reckoned, and with legs up to her armpits which was immediately explained when Bella confirmed that her visitor was a professional dancer.

That night Jimmy needed no porn. He came three times before breakfast as he imagined those long legs wrapped around his neck and Francesca’s fanny in his mouth.

A few days later Isabella and Jimmy were alone and she was moaning about her sexual frustration. Her body was rapidly recovering but her arms were still locked rigid in the plaster casts.

“I’m getting desperate for an orgasm Jimmy but there’s no way I can do it for myself.”

“Tough titty Bella.”

“Say’s the bloke who’s probably cum already today. Listen Jimmy, I feel really deprived if I don’t have a treat at least twice a day.”

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