Her First Seduction

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He felt her hands on his hips driving him into her; harder and faster, little soft moans continuing to escape her as she tried to be quiet.

He felt himself in danger of losing control as he watched his dick slide in and out of her pink, wet, little pussy.

Her inner lips were stretched out tight around the shaft of his swollen member; he loved watching himself sliding into her; loving the way her pussy lips tucked in slightly as he entered her and gripped him tight following his dick back out. It was as if her pussy was trying to keep him inside her.

He wanted to make her cum. He knew her boyfriend hadn’t made her cum yet, she had told him so, and he wanted that “cherry” for himself.

He changed his rhythm and the pressure he was applying on her clit… pulling and teasing her there as he fucked her till finally he felt her pussy start to spasm with the beginnings of her first orgasm.

She arched hard against his dick, and he thought to himself, “Thank God, she’s starting to cum”… because so was he!

He rammed deep into her rubbing his dick hard into her groin, stroking her little clit as his dick pulsed its load into her; hot and thick, running out of her as he continued to fuck her, drawing her orgasm out, extending it for her.

She covered her face with a pillow as she cried out her release.

He collapsed on top of her exhausted, and felt her legs and arms wrap around him pulling him even deeper into her, while her wonderful tight little pussy squeezed the last drops of cum out of him. He buried his face in that glorious hair as it lay in a tangle around her head and he pulled her hips against his again in one last ripple of orgasm.

He lay with her in his arms for long, dangerous, glorious minutes, breathing in the scent of their lovemaking.

He knew they should get up before someone caught them but instead he pulled her face to his for one more, slow, deep kiss on her lovely mouth.

She kissed him back; her tongue teasing him, her teeth biting his lip; her arms encircled his neck, holding his mouth against hers.

She arched her pussy against his dick, and tightened her legs around him pressing her breasts seductively against his chest.

“Oh, God help me!” he thought, as his dick throbbed to life again still clenched inside her. Her pussy pulled him deeper inside her…as her tongue probed his mouth…

Maybe they should move out to the pool before they woke someone up…

Oh yes… the pool… That would be just the thing…

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