Her First Seduction

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Her hand reached out; seeming to have a mind of its own and touched the head where it peeked out of his shorts; her finger smearing the drops of pre cum around the swollen head. She started to stroke him with the silky fabric of his running shorts.

She heard his ragged gasp and looked up into his face, his eyes met hers and she saw his intense desire for her burning there. She felt a quiver in her belly and a dampness start between her legs.

“Julie Baby”, he said using his nick name for her, “you’d better stop now; or you won’t be able to stop me till I’m done with you.”

His voice was husky and deep as he continued, “You have been fucking with me for almost a year now, and you’re going to get fucked if you don’t stop!”

She answered him with a smile and slid his swollen dick out of the band of his shorts and into her sweet little mouth. He caught back a cry at the feel of her hot mouth on him. Her tongue was sliding across the head, licking the moisture from it.

“You taste…good,” she murmured, surprised.

She hadn’t liked the taste of her boyfriend’s dick.

He stopped breathing while she sucked him deep into her mouth pushing against him trying to take all of him in her mouth; till he felt the head hit against the back of her throat. She slid back to the tip, licking and stroking him with her hands.

She loved the way the skin stretched tight over his beautiful big, hard, dick; veins bulging; head: swollen and sexy. She slipped his shorts down his thighs, her fingers pulling and stroking his balls while she continued to suck him with her sweet mouth; her hands on his butt pulling him into her mouth. Sucking and stroking; licking and kissing his dick…

Heaven help him, he was going to fuck her if she didn’t stop! He tried to push her away, but she took his hand and drew it to her breast pressing it there, all the time continuing her attention to his aching member.

It was more than he could take and he’d be damned if he’d cum in her mouth. She had other places he wanted to explore.

He stopped her and pulled her up into his arms; his lips finally tasting hers, his tongue exploring her mouth, drinking her in… his hand found her breast firm under the soft cotton of the t-shirt she wore; a firm and sexy, young breast; nipple hard and he pinched it a little.

She arched unconsciously toward the pain from his fingers moaning gently; she was so sweet, so giving… so fucking sexy; and he felt a surge of desire for this girl like he had never known before in his life.

He laid her back on the bed before him, glancing at the sleeping kids in the bed next to them. He hoped they wouldn’t wake up and see him fucking the sitter, but he was beyond caring right now.

She had been fucking with him for so long that his brain was fuzzy from wanting her; he was going to fuck this girl even if his wife came in!

He looked down at her and saw her breasts peaking out from under the bottom of the t-shirt and lowered his mouth to claim one of them; savoring the hot pink treasure with his tongue.

She moaned softly and arched her back against his mouth. He felt her hands in his hair pressing his face into her. His other hand found her crotch and slipped a finger into the wet dripping slit.

Oh sweet lord, she was so hot; so wet… she pressed his fingers against her clit, rubbing her crotch against his hand. He wanted her so bad… the ache in his balls was demanding relief. He looked down into her sexy eyes and lost his mind when she whispered,

“Fuck me, Dr. Hughes, Baby. I want to feel you inside me now… please! I’ve been thinking about it for so long…”

And he took her then. In one movement he stripped her shorts off and lifted her legs over his shoulders positioning himself between her young thighs; he played the head of his dick in and out of the entrance of her pussy, loving the tightness; the heat.

He felt her reach under her butt to cup his balls, squeezing them lightly and he lost himself as he plunged the rest of his dick into her young pussy in one slow excruciating dive…

To the bottom of her sweet wet pussy till his balls slapped against her beautiful ass.

He fucked her slow and sweet and deep playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples playing with her clit; till he saw her eyes close and she moaned little gasping moans from the sensations he was arousing in her young body.

He drew all the way out just to plunge hard into her again and again, her breasts jiggling maddeningly with his every stroke. His thumb rubbed her stiff little clit, and he could feel her pussy clench tightly around him with every stroke.

“Oh Robert,” she breathed “you’re so big, I can feel you stretch my pussy out when you go in. I can feel the head dragging against me when you pull back out…God… oh, fuck me deeper… you feel so good… It feels so good inside me…”

She threw one arm over her eyes; her head rolling back and forth with the pleasure he was giving her. Her boyfriend had never made her feel that way, ever.

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