Her First Seduction

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He looked at her as she prepared to dive into the pool. She was 18, 5’2′; big gray eyes, that made you melt when you looked at her, and slender. She had perky little tits, you couldn’t really call them boobs and he could imagine just how her nipples would look pert and hard if she were naked.

She had the most beautiful hair; very long, and thick, that hung down to the top of her round little ass; hair that had ripples like it had been braided when she wore it down. It made a man want to wrap it around his fingers and bury his nose in it; the way it shone in the sunlight.

She had just found out she was a sexual being about 8 months before and had confided the story of her deflowering to him one day after work.

She had been his after school assistant for 3 years now, and this fall she started college. He sure would miss her around the clinic; they had become unlikely friends in the last 3 years.

He was 18 years her senior and she had been baby sitter to his kids and worked at the Vet clinic restraining animals, assisting in surgery. They had spent many long hours together talking. He gave advice; she seemed to listen to him. He had grown very fond of her…

He gave a little gasp as he watched her dive into the pool. Oh, Lord! Yes, he was going to miss her… miss looking at her pretty bottom bending over cleaning the cages; miss coming home after dinner out with his middle aged wife, to find “the babysitter” curled up on the couch, in one of those little tank top and shorts sets she wore.

Sometimes he had literally to stop himself from touching that tight young ass; it was so round, looked so good going out the door to get into the car for the long drive back to her home.

He loved their talks on those drives. Even though she was very young, they never ran out of things to talk about, and it was on those trips that she told him about losing her virginity, about her boyfriend and the things they did as they unwrapped their new-found sexuality. He usually had to drive back home in the dark with a raging hard on from hearing her adventures.

One day at work, she had caught him changing clothes from a farm call and she had noticed hay caught in the waistband of his boxers. She immediately knew he had been having a little too much fun on the farm call he had been on.

Since then she had been teasing him constantly about his “farm call” to relieve a “distressed cow”.

Since then, she had been teasing him other ways too. She would rub her lovely little tits “accidentally” across his arm as she assisted him in surgery; or brush her hips against his butt when she eased by him to get to the filing cabinet: or she would lean over him to point out something on a chart and let that damn maddening hair of hers brush long and fragrant against his cheek.

She had fucked with him bad and he loved it!

One afternoon she noticed he was sitting at his desk flexing his shoulders, (he was really sore from a difficult calf delivery) and she came up behind him at his desk and started massaging his shoulders. It really felt good, her hands had been strong on his aching muscles, and he had closed his eyes for a moment relaxing his guard.

His heart had stopped when he felt her mouth, soft and warm on his neck.

“Julie baby, what are you doing!?” he warned her, his voice coming from deep in his chest, as he felt his dick spring to life.

“Your neck just looked like it needed kissing right there.” she laughed continuing the rub down without further incident.

After that she had become increasingly aggressive when they were alone. It had been all he could do not to grab her and fuck her, but shit; she was a prison sentence if her parents found out! So he had kept a perpetual hard on for the next year while she pulled every stunt in the book short of actually grabbing hold of his dick.

One time, just a few days short of her 18th birthday, she came to work after school and had “accidentally” left the door to the bathroom partly open while she changed into her work clothes.

His heart had nearly stopped once again when he walked by and glanced in to see her standing there her back to the door; hair hanging loose, swaying against her panty clad ass as she bent to slip on a pair of jeans.

He could see the swell of her sweet little bra encased titties, peeking out from her unbuttoned shirt.

She saw him standing there and turned around slowly, looking him in the eyes as she fastened her pants and started buttoning her shirt, her hair falling across the opening of her unbuttoned shirt, across those lovely little breasts.

He sighed raggedly as he reluctantly shut the door on her smile.

Then this trip came up and he and his wife needed her to go and watch the kids while they were at the seminar. They got a suite and Julie and the kids slept in the room right next door.

It killed him that first night to know she was just behind that door, laying there naked except for her t-shirt and panties… all alone in the 2nd bed.

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