He Watches His Cuckolding

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Marty withdrew from Jamie’s wife and sat back on the couch. Lynn went to her knees in front of her new love/lover. As a final humiliation she made hubby remove the wet slimy condom and also to hold Marty’s cock so she could suck him. Hubby did so and watched as his wife’s mouth devoured Marty’s big dick. Lynn had never put Jamie’s penis in her mouth. Hubby was sad but he wanted this.

Lynn pulled off his cock for a second telling Marty that she wanted his cum in her little belly. A few seconds later Marty announced his impending orgasm and Lynn quickly pulled off his cock and turned around. She yelled at hubby to open her pussy lips so she could set on his cock. Without thinking Jamie did as she had said and Lynn slid easily onto Marty’s dick. Coming to his senses, Jamie stood up in protest. Lynn grabbed her hubbies little testicles and squeezed. Lynn said that she had wanted his cum in her belly just not about how it was going to get there. Either way that’s where it ended up. She squeezed her husbands nuts as her lover fired his sperm into her belly. Deep into her tight little married belly. Her cuckold fell to his knees and watched her get pregnant. After all that’s what he wanted right?

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