He Watches His Cuckolding

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Just as she opened the door, she saw hubby in the kitchen peeping around the corner. It’s odd that he didn’t hear the door she thought? She let Marty in and as usual he scooped Jamie’s wife into his arms and kissed her mouth. She returned his kiss and when she slightly opened her eyes she saw her husband once again peeping at them. A little miffed at hubby now, she decided to shock him. She reached up and wrapped her arms around Marty’s neck and opened her mouth. As expected and for the first time since becoming Mrs. Soon to be cuckold, another mans tongue entered her mouth.

The only thing that hubby did was just about fall over as he strained to see what was happening. Jamie watched his wife wantonly kiss his friend back mashing her mouth to his. When she had reached up and wrapped her hands around Marty’s neck her short little robe exposed a little bit of her succulent butt. Marty wasted no time in grabbing some of her exposed bottom and pulling her tight. The two finally separated and smiled at each other knowingly.

They were still embracing when hubby decided to make his presence known. She wasn’t concerned about it because hubby has never nor did he say anything to her or Marty this time either. The three of them didn’t say anything for what seemed forever but it was only just a few seconds although it was a noticeable pause.

After hubby greeted Marty, Lynn returned to the bathroom to dry her hair. Jamie invited Marty to sit and offered a drink which hubby dutifully obtained. Marty sent Jamie out to his car as Marty had brought something for Lynn. Hubby was told not to peek because Marty wanted Lynn’s reaction first. After a greeting kiss like this Marty figured he was going to make it with Jamie’s wife this time for sure.

Jamie returned with a sizable flat box that appeared to contain some kind of clothing. Marty told him to go to the bathroom and ask his wife to come and get her gift. Annoyed at the interruption, Lynn quit drying her blonde hair and followed hubby back to the living room.

Lynn tore open the box and gasped as she extracted a short, very short soft black leather dress. It was sexy alright. The bodice had laces that held it together and the little skirt flared daringly out at an angle. It was a size six. It would fit but that was as small a size as she could possibly wear. She wondered how Marty new what size she needed. There were other items in the box also but the dress had every ones attention.

Marty asked if she was going to try it on but Lynn started to baulk. Hubby chimed in and practically begged her to at least show it to Marty as it looked expensive and would be rude not to let him see it on her. With both guy’s working her over she became edgy. She took the dress and motioned with her finger for hubby to follow her into the kitchen.

Once out of earshot of Marty, Lynn asked Jamie if he really wanted her to put on that little dress. Jamie told her not to act so stuffy and proper and what could it hurt after all it was just a dress. Besides it’s not like Marty has not seen your body before, Jamie stated. It’s not as short as the robe you’re wearing now is it, askedJamie. Lynn replied back that no it wasn’t as short but the robe doesn’t scream fuck me like this dress does.

Jamie pleaded with his wife to just try on the dress. Looking into her husbands eye’s, Lynn thought for a few seconds. As they stared at each other Lynn realized that this was something her hubby wanted. Hubby never said anything about the kisses. Marty almost always appeared when she was barely covered and then there was the special kiss today.

Lynn spoke to her husband sternly asking him if he liked watching Marty openly flirt with his wife. He answered yes as he looked toward her feet. You like watching us kiss to? Yes, hubby said. You also like to watch Marty blatantly fondle me, feel and grope parts of your wife’s body that any real man would attack another for immediately, right? Yes he mumbled weakly.

Lynn turned and walked back to Marty, smiled and said to give her about 15 minutes to finish her hair and make up. She grabbed up the whole box of items and disappeared down the hall. Marty told her to take all the time she needed to put herself together and that he would be waiting right here for her to return. Marty and hubby made small talk while his wife was putting on the clothing that Marty had purchased for her

The sound of high heels tapping the hard wood floor grasped the attention of the two men. Lynn pranced into the room doing a pirouette in front of her guy’s. Hubby was astounded at her transformation as well as her future lover Marty. The black patent spiked heels had to be at least 6″ high with a 2″ platform. They were strapped tightly to her dainty ankles by 1″ wide straps and what looked like tiny padlocks for buckles. Her legs were encased in black seamed silk stockings that went up her legs to barely disappear under her short flared skirt. She also had on her feet, two of the laciest black ankle socks that billowed out slightly above the thick shiny ankle straps. The dress fit perfectly. The open laces on the bodice tauntingly exposed part of her breasts and the shoulder straps fit slightly off her shoulders. Her neck was wrapped with a black leather choker and she also had black leather fingerless gloves reaching up to her elbows. With her wild blonde mane all teased out and her sexy red lips she was sure to be fucked.

Marty stood behind Jamie’s wife and reached around her. As she stretched her arms above her head to reach around his neck her large breasts threatened to pop out. Lynn tilted her head back and Marty leaned over to hungrily French kiss the naughty little wife.

Jamie watched from the sofa as Lynn and Marty made out. The kiss was awesome. Lynn was moaning into Marty’s mouth and grinding her leather skirted ass into Marty’s hard cock. Marty at the time was pulling her hips back to him with one hand as if they were already fucking and was also squeezing her breasts with the other.

Jamie saw his wife drop one arm down and with her finger beckoned to her hubby. Jamie obediently crawled to his wife. She was still passionately kissing Marty when she lifted her little flared skirt. She was wearing a black leather garter belt and also had on a black leather thong panty. Marty had Jamie’s wife decked out in leather from head to toe. Jamie started pulling down her panty and after she stepped out of them he looked up to see the lovers looking down at him.

Nothing was said but Marty grabbed the back of Jamie’s head and pulled his face to his wife’s shaved pussy. As hubby ate his wife, Lynn was snaking a hand down behind her to fondle and eventually extract Marty’s hard cock. Marty stepped back slightly to allow Jamie’s wife access to his hard tool. Once she had freed her new lover she started to stroke his huge shaft. Marty had at least 8.5″ and was extremely thick. Jamie’s wife moaned as she fisted Marty’s cock.

Jamie continued to eat at his brides pussy as Lynn lifted the back of her short dress. Marty felt the blonde wife’s bare ass touch his cock and he pushed forward sliding it right between her legs. The invading cock pushed Jamie away and he fell back on his ass. Lynn’s high heels made her just the right height for a stand up fuck but before Marty could penetrate the wife, Jamie cried out about using protection. Lynn kicked out with a sharp high heel and into her wimpy husbands balls. Jamie writhed in pain as Lynn berated him for interrupting.

Marty, knowing of the chance to fuck Jamie’s wife had already thought about the condoms. Jamie had mentioned often that they used rubbers for birth control. Marty handed a condom to Lynn who then tossed it on the floor beside her doubled up hubby. She spat on him and told him to hurry up put the rubber on her lover. With weak and trembling hands Jamie opened the foil packed and held the condom.

Marty pushed between the wife’s legs once again sawing back and forth on her shaved cunt lips. Marty held still and Jamie grasped the mans cock and rolled the tight condom over his large shaft. Lynn’s legs were tiring so she sat down on the sofa and spread her legs. Marty got into position and Lynn told her useless panty-waste hubby to guide Marty’s big cock into her tight little snatch. Hubby found her opening and steadied the large dick. Marty pushed and the bulbous head busted through her lips and into the mouth of her pussy. Lynn whimpered and pleaded but Marty continued to force her open. Marty leaned down to kiss the wife and with her mouth occupied with his tongue, he thrust further into her tight vagina. Hubby watched her jerk violently and her cheeks puff out as she attempted to scream.

Marty drew back and lunged forward again ending the tight little wife’s struggle with his massive cock. Marty’s loaded nut sack rested on her tiny anus. He was all the way in the wife. Seconds later, Jamie saw his wife grasp Marty’s butt with a leather gloved hand an pull him into her harder. She had already adjusted to this new cock. She belonged to this new cock. Jamie listened to her repeated cries of pleasure knowing that he had never heard them when he made love to her. Jamie heard the pleasure she was receiving and she was telling him all about it too. He’s the better lover. She wants only him now. I’ll never fuck Jamie again she would often say. The cuckold sat and listened to it all. It was what he wanted right?

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