Have You Ever Had A Really Big One?

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“Relax, Bud. Now I’m going to take care of you.” Her fingers touched my cock and she took its softness in her hand and stroked it. I groaned because her warm hands felt so good. Her fingers went up and down the length of my penis and down to my balls. Harriet didn’t hurry. “A lot of women must want this cock, Bud.” I nodded. “I suspect it isn’t always easy for you with women though because it’s big.” I nodded again. She was a perceptive woman. My cock was beginning to stir and rise to her touch. “It’s beautiful and big, Bud. I wanted to have the light on so I could look at it. I loved having it up inside me. You made me feel wonderful. But I want you to know, big man, that I was interested in you. Your size was just a sweet surprise.” I groaned again. She laughed. ” You’re getting hard. Am I making your feel good?” She knew how she was making me feel. I put my hand up to her face, touching her lips with my fingertips. “Are you wondering what’s going to happen next, Bud?” she said kissing my fingers while she continued touch me.

“I think I know what’s going to happen next, Harriet.” She laughed again. Oh, her hands were so smooth and so gentle.

“No, Bud. I meant what’s going to happen after tonight, after tomorrow morning between you and me. I want to tell you. You are going off to be a student again and I will be a psychology teacher. If you want to see me again you will have to call me at home and tell me. I’ll be happy to see you as often as you like, but only if you call me. I won’t ever call you or stop you and ask why you haven’t called. I promise whatever happens between us will remain private. I won’t tell anyone. It will be hard for me not to come after you because I have been lonely, but I won’t follow you around. That’s the way it’s going to be.” I nodded and touched her face. She took my forefinger into her mouth and sucked it.

My cock was now hard and I was beginning to think about how I’d like to fuck Harriet again right now when she stopped and got some oil out of the bedside table. She poured some on her hands and rubbed them briskly, warming the oil, and then the hands returned to their work but this time not so gently. Her slippery fingers made themselves a tight oiled cunt that held my cock in a hard embrace as it went up and down. I was in agony because it felt so good. I had difficulty lying still.

“Oh Harriet, I want to fuck you again.” I touched her breasts.

” Not now, Bud. Not right now.” Her oiled fingers went on and on. I closed my eyes and tried to relax and let her take me. While her right hand jerked me off, her left hand played with my balls. And then her oiled finger was sliding down my crack and pressing against my hole. I had never had this done to me before and I was surprised how good it felt. I wanted her to put her finger inside and she did. Her finger went in and she began to massage me from the inside. The pleasure was intense. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. If Harriet knew, and I believe she did, she did not show it by hurrying. She continued to patiently push me up to the edge and then she pushed me off.

“Oh! Fuck!” I announced. A great arc of my stuff shot into the air. A second shot hit Harriet and gleamed on her belly. She pulled hard on my dick, inciting a third white eruption. Harriet pulled again and a great flood of creamy ooze streamed out, running down her hand and pooling in my pubic hair. “Oh Harriet! Oh Harriet!” I shivered as the pleasure swept through me. Harriet leaned forward and put my cock in her mouth, squeezed, and sucked out of me the last drops of my spunk. I could feel my sphincter happily squeezing her still-inserted finger.

We spent the rest of the night happily curled together. I was hungry at breakfast. I told her I wanted to see her again tomorrow night, and she said she was free.

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