Have You Ever Had A Really Big One?

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We did. She turned down the bed, then came to me and kissed me hard. “I want you to make love to me, Bud.” In the semi-dark bedroom we undressed, watching each other and when we were naked we slid under the sheets and she came to me and pressed her nakedness against me. Her hand went down and touched my cock. She stopped for a moment. She didn’t say anything, but her hand went up and down my hard-on as though she were measuring it to see if it really was as big as she thought. Then she threw back the covers and without any hesitation she took me in her mouth. Her right hand gripped my hardness and her mouth and tongue explored my knob. When I put my hand on her back and touched her hair while she sucked me, I could feel her trembling with excitement. This foreplay didn’t last long because Harriet wanted more.

” You’re big and I’ll be more comfortable if I can get on top.” I had no objection. Whatever way she wanted was fine as long as I got inside her. Harriet straddled me, bent forward as she reached back between her legs and took my cock in her hand. She guided it to where she wanted it to go and I felt it nestle into the opening of her warm cunt. She pressed herself back on it and the head went in.

Harriet was ecstatic. “Oh! It feels so good, Bud. It feels so good.” She lifted up just a little and then pushed back again and I went up inside her about half way. Harriet was breathing hard. She came down to me and kissed me gently over and over. She told me how sweet I was and how good she felt. While she held herself against me, I began moving inside her, not thrusting, just moving where I was, gently back and forth. Harriet began to rock with me and little by little I slid deeper inside her. I had been inching up inside her this way for awhile when she paused.

“Oh wait. Oh wait just a second.” Harriet sat up and pushed herself down on my dick and I felt it go all the way in. That felt really good.

“Oh Bud, I’ve never felt this way. You’re going to make me cum. I know it.”

While I lay still Harriet fucked herself slowly on my rigid erection and made happy noises. When she slowed, I took over and fucked her as she crouched over me. Sometimes she just sat down on me and I ground myself inside her as hard as I could. Harriet liked that. She gasped and moaned, pressing herself against me. She turned herself around as she sat on me so that could see my dick coming out and then going back inside her. I could see her hairiness and her tight brown hole. I liked that.

But I was tired of lying on my back. I was feeling good and getting hot.

“Harriet, I want to get on top and fuck you.”

She got off me instantly, lay on her back, opened her legs and I got on top. She helped me find my way and in a moment I as once again deep inside. She got very excited and grabbed me so hard it hurt. But I hardly noticed because my cock was clasped tightly in her hot silky cunt and my cock was taking charge. We began to fuck seriously. I pushed myself hard up inside her and gave her short snapping thrusts. We rutted. Each time I drove into her she said “Oh!” and her voice went a little higher. “Oh! … Oh! … Oh!” I leaned on her and roughly pushed my big dick deep inside. We went on for awhile and then she said in a breathless, quiet voice, “I’m going to cum, Bud.” And she did cum. Wildly she began to fuck me back as I thrust into her. “Oh, Bud! Oh, Bud YES! Oh YES!” Now I felt my own cum rising and I was in a hurry reach that feeling. I began to fuck Harriet really hard. Our bodies smacked together.

“It’s getting bigger!” She couldn’t believe it.

I came and the first jet was so long and exquisite I nearly fainted. I came again, and then again and again, going faster and harder because I felt so good. I thought the feeling might go on forever as long as I continued fucking her, but then my last squirt was spent and I was done. We rolled on our sides and Harriet held my face and gave me silly little kisses while my heartbeat returned to normal. I was still pulsing deep inside her. Though I wanted to move, I was afraid that if I did I might slip out, so I lay still. The post-fuck bliss began to set in. I was getting sleepy.

“Harriet, we forgot to eat dinner.”

“How about breakfast in the morning?”

“I’d like that.” I fell asleep.

When I woke it was still dark except for the light coming from the bathroom. The shower was running. I wandered into the bathroom because I needed to.

“Come take a shower with me, Bud. I’ll make you all clean and sweet smelling.” And then we were together in the steamy shower stall and Harriet put her arms around me and kissed me while she rubbed soap on my back. She moved behind me and her soapy hands were on my cock. My balls were gently and carefully washed. Then I stole the soap from her and massaged her breasts before I lathered her pubic hair. I made her raise her arms so I could wash her armpits and then I washed the crack of her ass rimming her little asshole with my soapy finger. As a child I had always liked it when my mother washed my hair so I washed Harriet’s dark curls and when we emerged from the shower I dried her with a big towel. She kissed me.

“It has been a long time since someone has taken care of me.”

We went back to bed and she turned on the bedside lamp. She asked me to lie on my back and she sat cross-legged on the bed next to me. We could look at each other. She was a beautiful woman. I thought she looked very adult and intelligent and I found it exciting to be with her. She was a new experience. Her breasts were soft with pointed nipples. She had large, dark, warm eyes and a quiet voice.

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