Going for a Jog-Gay story

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“Oh God, yes I like it…please don’t stop…fuck me…fuck my ass…fuck me…”

“Ya, that’s it, beg for it” he said and he began to pump my cock with his hand as he picked up the pace thrusting mightily with his hips. I just couldn’t take it anymore; try as I might to deny it, I was being raped by a man and physically, it felt better than any woman ever made me feel.

Suddenly, he stopped and, with a loud grunt, he unloaded his sperm as deep inside of me as his cock could shove it. That did it for me, every muscle in my body flexed as hard as it could and I came longer and harder than than I ever had before. My cum hit the floor, splashed across my chest, and even hit my throat and chin. He held my spent body up by the hips while he pumped the last of his seed deep in my bowels.

Finally finished with me, he shoved me forward and I collapsed face down in a heap; my sweats around my ankles, his cum leaking out of my ass, and laying in my own spooge – I began to tremble with the chills. When, exhausted, I finally looked up – he was gone, but I could still taste his cum in my mouth and feel the burning fullness of his cock in my ass.

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