Going for a Jog-Gay story

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“Yaaa, you want that don’t you? You’re starting to like the taste of dick aren’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say; I didn’t know what to think. I rationalized that if I could get him off, he would leave and I could forget this ever happened. I began to stroke his shaft with my right hand as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, my tongue roughly working the underside on every down stroke. I had a powerful rhythm going and he began to moan, his hips picked up speed, his balls tightened up, his thrusts became deeper and deeper. I was starting to gag and I tried to hold him off, but he would have none of it as he grabbed my head in both of his hands and began to mercilessly fuck my throat. With each thrust his cock went deeper and I was frantically trying to breathe through my nose, but in his lust he was oblivious and finally, with one loud primal grunt, with my nose pressed into his belly, he unloaded his warm fluid down my throat. I could feel his cock pulsing against my tongue.

When he was finished, he pushed me away and I lay there gasping for air. I felt exhausted and used. I had the taste of his dick in my mouth and he just stood there with that post-orgasmic glow about him.

Right then I could have left. He’d had his way with me, he was spent, and I could have just gotten up and walked out. That’s exactly what I was going to do, but I hesitated.

He saw me hesitate – and he smiled. I was beaten like a dog that’s afraid to leave for fear it will be hit again. He stared at my cock – standing tall at it’s full, and thick, eight inches. He had made me his bitch and he knew it. Realizing my cock was as hard as a diamond, I knew it too.

My mind reeled, I thought I must be crazy, but I knew I would do anything he told me to.

As he took his pants off he said:

“Drop your pants, Bitch.”

As I dutifully obeyed, he turned around and bent over the urinal. Looking back at me naked from the waist down he said:

“Go on, Bitch, eat my ass.”

I was shaking, from fear or excitement I couldn’t tell, as I knelt behind him on the cold tile floor and gently pulled his muscular ass cheeks apart. His cleft was hairy and had a musky scent to it as I began to draw a circle around his asshole with my tongue. Reaching underneath him I began to alternate stroking his cock and fondling his balls, as my tongue drew closer to the ring of muscle that made up his asshole.

“Mmmm, yah. That’s it. That’s it. Eat that ass, Bitch. Use your tongue on it.”

He began to squirm and his cock was getting hard again as I let go of all my inhibitions and rammed my tongue as far into his ass as I could. I moaned into his crack as my hand stroked his cock and my tongue fucked his ass. In no time he was hard again and groaning loudly. I couldn’t seem to stop myself or even get enough as my hands pulled his ass cheeks farther apart and I licked and sucked at his anal ring.

When his dick was rock hard and starting to drip, he turned around and grabbed my hair in one hand while the other hand held his cock. He held me still while he wiped his pre-cum all over my face, I opened my mouth and tried to suck him in, but that’s not what he wanted this time.

“Look at you. You’re a man-meat hungry little slut now. You’d like to swallow another load wouldn’t you? Well, I’ve got a more virginal hole in mind. Now turn around.”

Staying on my knees, I awkwardly turned around. He shoved my shoulders forward and I fell to all fours. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass towards him and then I felt his hand push on the back of my neck. He kept pushing until my face was firmly pressed against the damp tile of the public restroom floor. I began to shake as he spit in his hand and used it to lube his cock. He then pressed the head of his member to my opening and, using his hands to keep me from going anywhere, slowly forced his manhood into my ass.

Immediately I was assaulted by novel sensations: the pain of penetration, the fear that my insides would be torn open by such a large invader, and the fullness of him as he pressed himself into me until his balls rested against mine. I began to relax as he bagan to pump his meat in and out of me; as the pain lessened, the pleasure increased. Nothing had ever been this deep in my ass and I had no idea that it could feel so good. With each thrust of his cock, my own cock twitched with a previously unfelt and unimagined pleasure. I felt light headed. Emotionally, I’d never felt so humiliated; physically, I’d never felt so good. Without thinking about it I began to moan and meet his thrusts. Without missing a beat and without stopping he suddenly grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

“You like that, don’t you bitch? Found your proper place in the world haven’t you?”

He had slowed his thrusts to a gentle rhythm, his cock buried in my ass and only moving about two inches with each stroke, but those two inches were hitting right where I needed it most. I was right on the edge of no return and his husky breathing told me he was too.

“Well,” he said as he wrapped one hand around my cock, “answer my question bitch and I might let you cum.”

I felt like such a little pussy, but I was so close to cumming I couldn’t stop myself from whimpering breathlessly:

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