Going for a Jog-Gay story

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Like any other day I awoke at 5am and quietly dressed in a pair of grey sweat pants, sweatshirt, and running shoes. I like to stay active and I enjoy a run in the morning–it puts a peaceful hum on me for the rest of the day. Careful to not wake my wife and kids I stepped out and began my walk to the end of the street. It’s in this walk that I really began to wake up as I made my way to the trail that begins there. The trail runs for two miles through a nature park, a forest really, that’s interlaced with hundreds of trails, but the main one is kept clear of overgrowth and locals like myself use it for getting away from it all.

From the end of the block I walked between two houses and continued a few hundred yards through the trees to a parking lot, past a sign that says “No motorycles” to a small pavillion where there’s an old wooden lunch table with faded paint and amorous expressions carved in the surface. I spent a few minutes stretching and it occured to me that I forgot to use the bathroom before I left the house. There’s a public restroom next to the pavillion, a tan colored brick affair with dark brown trim and no doors, so I went in and prepared to relieve myself in one of the urinals.

Finishing up, I was taking my time and continued to stroke my cock for awhile. It was semi-hard in my hand and I was trying to remember the last time I made love to my wife. To be honest, I was horny as hell and I could’ve used a really good cum before heading back home for a few more hours of sleep. I thought I really should get started, but just standing there stroking my cock, half asleep, knowing anyone could walk in (but probably wouldn’t) – well, it just felt too good to get in a hurry.

I’m not sure how it happened, but one minute I was on my own and the next minute someone was there. A muscular arm came from behind me and wrapped around my neck, my attacker’s body had slammed me from behind and my hands instinctively shot out to keep me from hitting the wall. My legs were pinned against the urinal and a hand gripped my cock and balls.

“Enjoying yourself were you?”

The voice was deep and rough. I could feel his breath in my right ear as the fingers of his right hand kept a firm grip and his thumb gently caressed my cock. I was a bit stunned, literally caught with my pants down.

“What the fu..”

He flexed his left arm and a startling amount of pressure was exerted on my windpipe. I went from angry to starving for air and in excrutiating pain in the blink of an eye. I grabbed his arm in an attempt to relieve the pressure, but I’m only 5’4″ and 145lbs and this guy had me bent backward and outweighed me by a hundred pounds. My legs were pinned, I was getting nowhere, and I had just started to panic when he eased up a little. While I gasped for air, his right hand stroked from my balls, over my stomach, to my chest and nipples and back again. He was grinding his crotch into my ass and lightly stroking my cock while he told me how it was going to be:

“Listen up, Bitch. You behave your little white ass and do what you’re told and I’ll go easy on you. Give me any shit and I’ll beat you till you can’t move. Either way, you’re not going anywhere till I’m through with you. You got that?”

I was happy just to be breathing. My throat was sore, I was dazed, somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking: “Oh man, this is for real. I am in deep shit.” He may have had a weapon, I don’t know. I paused, trying to take it all in. I wasn’t eager to make this guy angry. I couldn’t think straight, but I knew I didn’t want him to choke me anymore.

He whispered harshly in my ear: “I said: you got that?”

The moment of truth. Do I try and fight and get my ass kicked and maybe even get myself killed, or do I go along with it and hope everything turns out alright?

And this whole time he’s gently stroking my cock and it’s starting to respond whether I want it to or not.

I numbly nodded my head.

Ok, I’ll admit that when I get really horny, my sexual fantasies have involved men. I’ve never had a homosexual experience, but the idea of having sex with another man doesn’t offend me the way it seems to offend some people. I was thinking that being attacked in a public restroom wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when he spun me around and punched me in the stomach. Before I knew it I was on my knees and gasping for air again. He grabbed me by my hair and rolled his fist until I was forced to look up at him.

He was a black man, in his early thirties, about 6′ tall and wieghing in at about 260lbs. He was wearing an expensive looking blue jogging outfit and his nostrils flared when he talked:

“Ya, right where you should be Bitch. On your knees.”

“Jesus, man, take it easy, I said I heard you.”

“Maybe I’ll relax a little once my dick is in your mouth. Now hurry up.”

He emphasized his words by jerking my head towards his crotch by my hair.

“Go on, take it out and suck it. You know you want to.”

I reached up and pulled his sweat pants down just enough for his cock to spring free. It was dark black, long and thin with angry veins along it’s length. I gently grabbed it with my right hand and began to stroke it, marvelling at how quickly it became hot to the touch. It began to grow and become hard as I got used to the feel of it in my hands. I brought it to my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head before dragging a rough, wet line along the underside of his cock and down it’s length to his balls.

“Mmm, ya. Work it, Bitch. Suck that dick.”

His hand on my head eased up and he stayed still as I opened my mouth as wide as it would go and took his manhood deep into my mouth. Slowly, he began to rock his hips back and forth, pistoning his meat in and out of my face. As I got used to it I began to fondle his balls with my left hand.

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