Give Me What I Want

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She began a slow crescendo of eruptions as she pumped him up and down, flattening her clit and pussy into his groin with each downward fall. His cock rubbed her into an internal frenzy while his scrotum teased her clit into exploding. Warmth spread until she was soaked and her mind a blurred swirl of endorphins.

When she came to, she went at him again with stronger, more ferocious and faster thrusts, pelting his scrotum in each descent. She kept at him until she could feel his body fail to fend off the contortions that added even more heat and moisture to her insides.

She continued to ride him until he squealed like a pig begging her to stop. Even after that she went another few times until her own arms were going to give out.

Forcing her legs to extend, she came off him and towered over him as she yanked up her thongs and pulled down her dress. Stepping off him, she eyed him from above. “See you tomorrow early.”

Turning around, she swayed her hips out of sight.

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