Give Me What I Want

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“What I want is irrelevant. We’re in a public place for crying out loud. And I’m busy.” He tried to leverage himself out from under her, but each motion caused more of their bodies to come into contact.

“Pathetic excuses. You’ll always be busy. There will always be a grant in the works. Does your thick brain needs more than your groin to convince it. I can feel you, you know.”

Geoffrey tried to prevent his hand from covering his traitorous region, because any hand covering would knock into her pussy.

“Make me happy and think of how happy I can make the Chancellor. I’ll replay now in my mind when his fat, meaty hands are all over me. One session with me and I can get him to sign anything.”

“This is rape.” Geoffrey gripped his legs, trying to avoid any more contact with her.

“Oh, please, Geoffrey. Isn’t that rather excessive? What am I forcing on you?” Her hands went to each thigh and ran fingers up to his groin, getting his package to follow her pursuit and push into her stomach.

“You’re holding the grant over me.” Geoffrey clenched his teeth but his groin bypassed the silent plea to ignore her smell and presence.

“You exaggerate. I simply said that if I’m happy I can make someone else happy. I said nothing about talking him out of signing the grant. For all I know it’s already signed and this is a celebration of all that you want. All that you want. Money isn’t everything you know.” She bent a knee between his legs and gently rammed it into his balls.

Geoffrey’s legs pressed against her knee, locking it to him so she was forced to hold onto his shoulders for support.

“You know the grant is yours for the taking. I think a little celebration is in order.” She pulled her leg free and when his attention was caught up in her knee, went for the elastic waist of his scrubs and yanked them down.

Geoffrey stumbled as the cold air found the hottest part of his body.

“Now stay put,” Diane ordered, snapping the band of his briefs into his swelling skin. She got his eyes to follow her hands off his briefs and latch onto the hem of her dress. She slinked the dress up to show a black thong.

Her fingers fluttered in the air as they then dipped below the thong and glided it down her thighs, exposing herself fully to his eyes that barely blinked.

Geoffrey choked on his large inhale of cold air that made his lungs clamor at the onslaught. Air rushed past his salivating mouth too fast to be heated.

“Now we can do this one of two ways. I can either toss you to the hard floor and mount you until I’m really happy. Or you can pick me up and put me on you with those strong arms of your and toss me into the supercomputer as I wrap my legs around your waist. Which will it be?” Diane rubbed at her clit and brought her finger up for him to sniff it.

Geoffrey’s nostrils flared.

“Your mind and your body seem to be of two different thoughts. As much as I admire your mind, right now I just want your body. How am I to have it? Answer me.” She ran her finger down the stubble on his chin. “Tisk, tisk. When was the last time you remembered to shave, Dr. Haden?”

“I can’t do this,” Geoffrey tried.

“Oh but you can. Get rid of those guilty thoughts. I guess the floor it is for you. I don’t trust your arms to hold me. I guess you’ll have to ram me into the computer some other time.”

Geoffrey flinched.

“Really, Geoffrey. Stop being a prissy. You do realize if you make me happy enough I might want seconds.” She laughed. “Now do I have to push you down to the floor or are you going to bend those pretty knees of yours on your own?”

Geoffrey slunk down the computer and crumpled on the floor, his back and head propped up, but legs splayed open.

Diane looked down at him. “Just remember if you have a bruise it’s your fault. I was willing to take one in the name of teamwork, but you weren’t up for that scenario. She started to squat down, making him watch her pussy’s descent as it scraped against his swollen dick and tensed balls.

“At least I have something to work with.” Diane talked to his rigid cock waiting to be encapsulated with her heat and moisture. “Hopefully your brain will learn to follow.”

Geoffrey closed his eyes.

“Be that way.” She lifted her pussy to rim his ridge, and coaxed him into her with a series of downward thrusts that opened her up to his full girth. Her hands now useless to the insertion cradled his shoulders to hold him steady for her.

His buttocks clenched beneath her, but he stayed put.

“That’s a good boy. Now just lie there and I’ll be done with you in no time. Unless you interrupt me with needless whines and whimpers.”

Geoffrey bit his lips to go with his sealed eye lids.

Diane rubbed her clit against the balls of her life-sized, internally heated, sex toy. Her clit sprang into extension as she dragged it against his scrotum with a rocking motion that caught up every nerve ending she could find to contact him with.

Vaginal walls sealed around him with spasmodic contractions as she rode him up and down like a carousel horse riding to internal music of ecstasy.

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