Give Me What I Want

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He was still rock hard and his cock was such a deep purple I would swear it was going to break off. I climbed on top of him again and rode myself off to my second orgasm. I had still not got the dildo in his ass but I was so concerned with his blue/purple dick that I just pushed my plug out of my own ass and without getting very far up I slammed my ass down on his cock. I engulfed it all in one go and I could feel him throbbing inside of my twitching asshole. I rode his cock for a bit but became uncomfortable. Josh got up and stood. He flipped me over doggy style and pushed his cock into my ass. He was deep inside and my lube was drying up. He added a more and began furiously pounding into my ass.

With every thrust his own butt plug was pushing against his prostate. He was squealing and grunting. He was feeling duel sensations like never before. I took a hand and began rubbing my clit. He inserted a few fingers in my sopping pussy and fingered me. After no more than five minutes I was cumming. My ass clamped down on his cock and my pussy was clenching around his hand. I was thrashing around when I heard him yell at the top of his lungs. His cum flooded my asshole and trickled down into my already drenched pussy.

Neither of us moved after cumming. His cock was still in my ass and I was still on all fours. He had slumped over me and I was supporting his weight on my back. Finally he pulled out of my ass with a loud wet plop. His dick was slimy and glorious looking. He lay down upon the bed and I got right on top of him in a sixty-nine position.

I licked his dick and cleaned up the mess that was just in my ass. He slowly began licking my pussy. Once he was at attention I pulled a little on his butt plug. I am not sure if he was aware it was still inside of him. I pulled the plug out and saw his gaping asshole staring back at me. He was exhausted but I was so close to getting a dildo up his ass. I was not going to loose my chance.

I pulled him to the edge of the bed. I began licking his cock again and warming up the dildo inside my pussy. Once it was warm I poured lube all over it and asked him to stand. I got behind him and told him to bend over the desk. He did as told. I pushed the cock up into his ass and began a very slow in/out motion. Soon he was meeting the dildo thrust for thrust. I told him to touch himself. He began to touch his cock and slide his hands along the shaft. Soon he was rubbing the head on the palm of his hands. I continued pumping the dildo in and out of his ass.

Josh had always been as vocal as I was during sex and now he was talking dirty and telling me how great this was. “I love that dick in my ass. Fuck me harder. Pound my ass with that cock. I am gonna cum.” Soon he was groaning and screaming as his second hard orgasm came that night. He shot his load all over the desk and the floor.

After hot showers and gentle washing we both climbed into bed in the guest bedroom. My room was too messy to even think of sleeping in. Josh pulled me to him and he kissed me slowly and sweetly. He said, “When I asked you to teach me. You never told me how good a teacher you are.” He also apologized for keeping his cock out of my ass. And he told me I could choose where to put his dick from now on. I just smiled and figured that finally something good had come from work.

It was the sound of heels that snapped Geoffrey Haden to attention. Not a normal sound in a subterranean hideout. From habit, his spine went rigid, and the built in reaction pissed him off. Pressure at his temples intensified from the distraction.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, forcing his chestnut eyes to focus beyond the computer. Gene codes flashed across his screen, but he left it to the computer to decipher. The program was designed to babysit the data so he could occasionally pry himself away to do other things. Like fume.

All around him fans in the duct work buzzed to keep the supercomputers running at optimum temperature, a temperature incompatible with human comfort. But the only human elements in his labs were the researchers and genetic samples kept under lock and key.

At this late hour of the afternoon, that left only him for the breathing inhabitants. His research assistants were trapped away above ground in classrooms, leaving Geoffrey alone, in near perfect solitude, broken only by mechanical effort at keeping him frozen.

So where was the annoying sound coming from? More precisely who?

At any given moment, Geoffrey had ten different computer simulations running to mash through data, five assistants pestering him for insights to jumpstart their careers, three articles in different stages of being written or fought with, and the normal annoyances of professorship in the form of emails, text messages, and meetings. No email or text had warned him of intruders, and he did not need any unscheduled irritation now.

Broken from his myopic concentration, he cussed internally if some nitwit had let a media personality in without proper authorization. With the latest scandal having hit the newspapers, even he, in his lair, could hear and feel the buzz of egos and nerves pushed too close to snapping. Sadly the concrete and steel sealing off his lab was impervious to egos and their wrath.

As far as he could figure some idiotic student had gotten caught with his pants down in a public zoo and had what was coming, but inevitably the school would be dragged into it to make the story even more sensational. Damn reporters. Wasn’t there something more important to report than a half-cocked student with a libido for brains?

Geoffrey pushed his wire-rimmed glasses up his nose and ran a hand through work tousled hair that matched his eyes and possessed the healthy shine of being wet right out of a shower. He shoved his chair back into the smooth metal wall that left no space for germs to hide, and unfolded his body to seek out who the intruder was. Intruders had nowhere to hide either.

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