Girlfriend Goes Topless

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After finishing with Jeff, Jenny wasn’t satiated and she started sucking on Mike’s dick to bring him back to life. When Mike was hard again, Jenny got on all fours and Mike fucked her from behind while I knelt in front of her with my dick in her mouth.

Soon Jenny was moaning and the vibrations of her mouth felt incredible against my dick. After Mike came I took his place and started fucking Jenny while she sucked on Jeff’s dick to revive him.

We went at it like this for hours before stopping to rest and order some pizza. Jenny told us that she never intended things to get this far and had expected me to back down, although she certainly wasn’t complaining. She also never thought it would be such a turn on to have three guys ogling her like that.

Jenny made my roommates and I promise we wouldn’t tell anyone about this and we agreed out of respect for her. After we had all eaten and rested for a bit, she asked Mike to play a porno and of course he chose one that featured a woman taking on a group of guys.

Naturally this got us revved up again and we went at it for a few more hours. Jenny gave me an incredible blowjob while she straddled Mike’s face and Jeff watched. Then she got on all fours with one of my roommates at each end, her tits swaying back and forth as Mike thrust into her and her mouth slid up and down Jeff’s dick. She was clearly enjoying this and I was turned on all over again.

We all went to bed tired and sore. Jenny confided in me that she’d long had a gangbang fantasy but figured she would never have the guts to carry it out. She was glad it happened but told my roommates it probably wouldn’t happen again.

As far as I know, my roommates never told anyone about what happened and they and Jenny became even closer friends as a result.

Jenny maintained that this whole thing started because of me, but I’m pretty sure I know otherwise.

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