Girlfriend Goes Topless

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“Yeah well, you’re the one who pulled off my sweater,” she replied.

Jenny rubbed her fingertips over her nipples, which were now rock hard, and let out a little moan. At first she seemed really pissed off and embarrassed, although I think she was also enjoying the attention and the effect this was having on us.

It was a surprising turn-on to see my girlfriend half naked in front of my roommates, their eyes popping out of their skulls and mouths hanging open. I grabbed Jenny by the hand and tried to lead her to my room but she was having none of it.

“What’s the matter Mark?” she asked. “You’ve got a problem with your roommates seeing my tits? Too late for that now.”

This whole thing started out of spite because Jenny didn’t like being called a tease, but now that’s exactly what she was doing. She sat down on the couch between Mike and Jeff and asked me to fetch a round of beers from the kitchen.

When I returned, Jenny was again massaging her breasts. She held a beer bottle against her nipples and shuddered a bit. My roommates had obviously lost all interest in the game and were now focused on her chest. I sat across from them on the other couch.

Jenny kept caressing her breasts while all of us watched. She was clearly enjoying every moment, seeing how turned on we were, and knew she was totally in control. Jenny then got an idea and asked me to fetch a bucket of ice.

She then proceeded to rub her nipples with ice before commenting “gee, my nipples are soooo cold. Could you guys warm them up for me?”

Mike and Jeff hesitated, looking at me.

“What you looking at him for?” Jenny said. “They’re MY breasts. Besides, he’s the one who wanted me to go topless.”

Mike and Jeff eagerly leaned in and they each took one of her nipples into their mouths. Jenny sighed before repeating this process, icing down her breasts and letting my roommates suck on them.

Whatever feelings of jealousy I had were overcome by feelings of pure lust.

After a few moments of this, Jenny came over and sat on my lap to let me suck on her tits as well. I was really horny and started groping her.

“You’re such a tease,” I whispered in her ear. “Come on, let’s go to my room.”

“I’m not a tease,” Jenny countered. “Besides, you’re the one who wanted your roommates to see me naked.”

“You’re not naked, you’re topless,” I replied. “Besides, this is a lot more than just putting your tits on display.”

“So now you want me naked?” Jenny said out loud. “You want me completely naked in front of your friends, is that it?”

I didn’t know what to make of this and couldn’t tell if she was actually pissed off or just egging me on.

“I didn’t say you should be naked, I just said you’re only topless,” I replied.

“Only topless? So that’s not enough?” she asked. “You want me completely on display?”

I was at a loss for words. Jenny stood up, unhooked the top button of her jeans and dared me to remove them, declaring that I didn’t have the guts.

I figured she was either being spiteful or she really wanted me to remove her jeans. Either way, I wasn’t backing down. Besides, I was curious if she would really go through with this. I figured I had to call her bluff.

I pulled off Jenny’s shoes and socks before reaching for her jeans. Without hesitating I unzipped her jeans and slowly slid them down. Jenny stepped out of her jeans and stood there in only her panties. Even as far as this had gone, I still expected her to back down at this point.

“Well don’t stop there,” Jenny declared. “What are you waiting for? Can’t finish what you started?”

Now I was pissed off. I removed her panties and she was now totally naked. I reached out for her, but Jenny pulled away. I grabbed her hand and tried to drag her off to my room but Jenny had other ideas.

She paraded around in front of my roommates, giving them a good look at her body. Jenny turned away from my roommates and bent over to give them a good look at her ass. She then turned around and bent towards them with her tits dangling in front of their faces. Even a dead man would’ve been turned on by now.

“You still think I’m a tease?” Jenny asked me.

I was in a state of shock and couldn’t answer. Jenny sat down between my two roommates and started kissing each of them in turn while they caressed her body with their hands and took turns sucking on her breasts. I’m not sure how long this went on for, maybe a minute.

Jenny then instructed my roommates and I to lie on the floor on our backs. She straddled my face for a few moments while I sucked on her pussy, then she rose and did the same with Mark and then Jeff. After a few rounds of this Jenny stayed on Mark’s face, grinding herself against his mouth while he brought her to a climax.

She then instructed us to get out of our clothes. Jenny had Mike sit on the couch while she gave him a blowjob. It was an incredible turn on to see my girlfriend suck another man’s dick and I soon started fucking her from behind. Neither of us lasted very long and Jenny was soon swallowing Mike’s load while I came in her pussy.

Jenny had Jeff lay on the floor while she rode his cock with abandon. She would occasionally lean forward to let him suck on her tits.

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