Girlfriend Goes Topless

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This happened one Saturday afternoon years ago when I came home with Jenny, my girlfriend at the time. My two roommates, Mike and Jeff, were watching a football game. Jenny and I had little interest in sports but we sat down to join them anyway. Jenny and my roommates had become pretty good friends at this point.

Of course it wasn’t long before the TV camera focused on a particularly attractive cheerleader with a nice rack. Mike let out a bit of a whistle and Jeff sighed. Jenny read the reaction on my face as well before complaining about men’s fascination with breasts.

She repeated her often-stated claim that it was unfair that the law allowed men to go topless while women could not. Jenny had perfect breasts, about medium-sized, impeccably shaped and well proportioned for her body. She was really proud of her breasts, although she was never one to flaunt them in public.

Mike pointed out that there was no law against her going topless in our apartment, to which Jeff agreed. I just laughed because I’d heard this conversation before.

“You are such a tease,” I told her. “We all know you’re not going to take your shirt off so why do you even bring it up?”

I knew this would bug her but frankly I was getting tired of hearing her complain about not being able to go topless, especially when she rarely even showed cleavage. I figured it was all talk.

Jenny replied that she would do it but she didn’t think I could handle it.

“Oh I could handle it honey,” I replied. “You’ve got great boobs but I’ve seen them before.”

“That’s not what I meant Mark,” Jenny said. “I don’t think you could handle it if your roommates saw them for real.”

I told her that I thought she was using this as an excuse. This way she could throw out the idea as a tease but hold back and claim it’s because of me.

“So you want me to take my shirt off?” Jenny asked.

“I didn’t say I WANTED you to take your shirt off,” I replied. “I just think you’re being a tease and I’m tired of it. Look, if you want to go topless, take your shirt off. Otherwise, why bring it up?”

By now she was getting irritated. Frankly, I was surprised the discussion went this long, although we were both pretty stubborn and didn’t like backing down. She certainly didn’t like being called tease.

Jenny stood in front of me, grabbed the bottom of her sweater and declared, “Well if you want me to go topless, you go right ahead.”

At this point I couldn’t tell if she really wanted me to do it or she was just being spiteful. She probably expected me to back down but instead I stood up and reached for her sweater.

I hesitated while she clenched her jaw. I raised the sweater up a little bit before hesitating again. I paused to look at my roommates, who sat frozen on the couch.

“I knew you couldn’t do it,” Jenny said.

That really pissed me off. Before that comment I probably could’ve let the whole thing go as a joke but instead I raised the sweater up over her head and threw it onto the couch. I expected her to fight me on it and pull back, while she never thought I’d actually to go through with this.

We called each others’ bluff and now Jenny was standing there in the living room in her jeans and bra. Her mouth hung open in a state of shock and I think we were all surprised it went this far. With the three of us guys practically drooling over her partially-naked body, Jenny’s mouth closed and her expression turned to anger. She couldn’t resist chiding me again.

“Well don’t stop there,” she declared. “What’s the matter? You afraid of going through with it or don’t you have the guts?”

I reached forward and cupped her breasts through her bra. Despite being angry, Jenny’s nipples were rock hard and her breathing had changed. I grabbed the clasp but hesitated, waiting for her to back down.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Jenny declared.

With that, she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. She didn’t even try to conceal her breasts with her hands.

“Are you happy now?” Jenny demanded. “You wanted me topless, now I’m topless. Everyone get a good look?”

She moved closer to my roommates, facing them. Cupping her breasts with her hands, she shook them slightly before releasing them.

“Is this what you wanted, Mark?” Jenny asked. “Your girlfriend on display? Some cheap thrills for your roommates?”

Mike and Jeff just sat on the couch, their eyes glued to Jenny’s breasts. I was stunned as well and didn’t know what to say.

“How about this, Mark?” Jenny asked. Is this what you had in mind?”

Jenny massaged her tits with her hands and gave them another shake.

“You have no right to be angry honey,” I told her. “You’re the one who said you wanted to go topless.”

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