Gina’s First Facial

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After a few minutes of ‘performance,’ she got down to business. With both hands she wrapped my prick in her flesh, gripping firmly and jacking me off with an eye toward the prize. She had no idea what kind of prize she was going to get. I let her do her thing and tried to will the orgasm to come quicker. Honestly, after all that foreplay I didn’t have far to go. I had rarely been this excited by foreplay and a hand job, but she looked so damn good! My legs stiffened up as the lovely creature at my feet pulled me nearer and nearer my explosion.

“Here it comes!” I warned through clenched teeth, hoping perhaps she would wrap those lush, full lips around the head to accept the coming flood. Alas, she merely changed to a one-handed grip and held the other in front to ‘catch’ it. I laughed and knocked her hand away, taking it into my own hands.

“Honey, you have no idea…” I managed to say before the first gout exploded from my loins. I come heavy — very heavy — and the combination of her elongated foreplay and the fact that I hadn’t had much action in the past few weeks guaranteed an orgasm for the record books.

The ropy white ejaculate slashed across her heavy tits as I aimed it low. It landed with an audible ‘splat,’ accompanied by a squeal of surprise from Gina. I gripped hard and tried to keep the next shot low but it got away from me a little. Nearly as strong as the first, it caught her from nose to nipple and it clung to her delicate flesh like white mud.

Retreating from my onslaught she fell back and onto the giant pillow, but I was far from over. I knelt down over her and sprayed the third round from my heavy balls, again coating her beautiful tits. I went down further and touched my cock to her tit as I continued to jack off, sending more and more jizz streaming over her flesh and pooling around her chest. The feeling of her cum-coated skin was heavenly and the sight was terribly raunchy. She was a mess, covered, slathered in my copious seed.

Eventually the contractions eased and my full load was released. I pushed my spent cock around her chest, poking and prodding the slurry of sperm around her big tits. She shuddered as I rubbed the head across her lubricated nipple. It was my turn to wear the sly grin.

“Damn!” she breathed, wiping the spunk from her cheek. She examined it on her fingers, playing with it as I played with her.

Thus was born Gina’s fascination with my sperm. Rarely did 48 hours pass that I didn’t unload another explosion all over her face and tits. It didn’t take her long to gather the courage to taste it, then to swallow it, and later to actually wrap her mouth around my cock. She was a quick study and her moratorium on premarital sex flew out the window a month or so later. I have so many stories about that girl…

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