Gina’s First Facial

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She surprised me then. She took one of my hands and moved it down to her crotch, encouraging me to go where before I had been denied. No problem. She seemed very worked up and I figured it wouldn’t take much to finish the job. I rubbed the seam of her Levi’s just over her clit and the reaction was instantaneous. As if I had touched off the nitro tanks, she revved up in a hurry. Both her hands held my head to her bosom as I continued to dine on her delicate breasts. In just a few minutes she was bucking wildly under my weight, clutching me tightly to her as the orgasm rolled across her body.

I expected a quick climax and a slow descent, but again she surprised me. Over and over her body spasmed with orgasmic ecstasy while little gasps escaped her lips. I kept rubbing her clit as long as I could but after a while I was starting to worry about her. This seemed almost like some kind of fit or medical condition. I later learned that she simply had a hair trigger when it came to orgasms. She could roll through a long caravan of multiple orgasms for what seemed like hours. To say that this girl gave me sexual confidence is a serious understatement — I felt like a god with her in my hands.

I let her down slowly, moving my hand from her clit to rub lower down and away from her hot button. She shuddered a few times and seemed to deflate, settling back down on the pillow with an explosive exhalation. She was breathing so hard I was worried about her, so I got up and grabbed a cup from my desk then headed out of the room for the water fountain. I returned with some cold water, relocking the door behind me, to find her just as I had left her. She looked like a rag doll negligently dropped to the floor but her face beamed the most incredibly satisfied smile I had ever seen on a woman at that point.

“Wow,” she said between heavy breaths, her naked chest heaving wonderfully.

“No kidding. I thought there was something wrong with you.”

“There was nothing wrong with that. Oh, wow…” I sat beside her and let her recover, resting my hand on her shoulder. I wanted to keep touching her but I wanted to let her relax more. I knew this was pretty much over and I didn’t want to drag it out. As enjoyable as that had been, I had a raging hard on in my pants that would need attention soon and I figured it would be rude to step out and take care of that just then. In a few minutes she was back in control of herself. She sat up and hugged me, again pressing her lovelies into me.

“How can I ever repay you?” she asked.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I kissed her head and disentangled myself from her, then I stood. I’m a big man and I towered over her. I didn’t expect this to work but I had to try. I popped the button on my jeans, giving her a moment to object. Her eyes twinkled and she watched as I slowly pulled down the zipper. The look of satisfaction and a bit of exhaustion quickly flowed out of her and the mischievous little sexpot retuned quickly.

I pushed my pants down off my hips and let them fall to the floor. My painfully erect cock strained at the fabric of my boxers, announcing its size in no uncertain terms.

“Holy shit!” she said quietly. She reached out to touch it through the fabric, caressing it with her fingertips as if to confirm its dimensions. I won’t lie, it’s a damn nice cock and it is rarely met with anything less than serious enthusiasm. Just then it was as big as it would ever get, completely engorged and very, very needy. I pulled my boxers down until the waistband held down the end of my dick, most of its length exposed.

“Do you know what to do with one of these?” I asked. Her eyes were wide as saucers but her mouth held a sly grin, showing that she did indeed know how that apparatus was to be handled.

She picked up her purse from the corner in which it landed and took out a small bottle of lotion before returning to her previous position. She pulled my boxers the rest of the way down, my cock flipping up and almost hitting her in the face. She settled in on her knees in front of me and pulled my cock down a bit by the head, then poured the cold lotion on the shaft. I shuddered at the cold but in moments her warm hand was working it in and making everything very, very right.

She moved her hand up and down the slick length of my cock with confidence and that sly, sexy smile on her angelic face. Her eyes flowed over my member, only rarely flashing up to look at me. When she did look up, it was through her long lashes and with the most lurid and sexy of expressions. She was a performance artist and a cock was her preferred canvas. Over the coming months I would be a truly fortunate man.

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