Fun on the Beach

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Jules cocked her head to one side.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” She said.

I turned around just in time to see one of the apartment doors closing.

“Do you think you can open our door now?” She said, “Because I need a shower, something to eat and a drink.”

I thought that was the end of the day’s fun but later after a meal Jules insisted on taking the stairs back up to our room.

Half way up she told me to stop, walked several steps ahead then slowly peeled her panties down to her knees and stood with her legs slightly apart exposing her pussy.

My cock was instantly hard.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“All your pictures were close ups of my ass and I want a picture that actually shows where our little adventure took place.” She said.

“And then, if you want to, you can give me a repeat performance, you never know, someone might see us.” She said with a sly grin.

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